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listed in
Chronological History of Principal Events
from January 1 to December 31, 1878
in Langley's 1879 San Francisco City Directory

Thank you to Charles Herbert Crooksen for his donation of this data

[Page 37-40]
Jan. 1 Hoodlums murder James LYONS, corner Fifth and Tehama streets
Jan. 6 State Senator Nathan PORTER dies at Sacramento
Jan. 9 Martin PENDERGAST attempts to murder Mrs. PRICE, and then suicides
Jan. 16 Charles E. HOOK suicides by poison
Jan. 18 William PETERSON suicides
Jan. 20 Henry J. COOLIDGE suicides
Jan. 21 John W. NELSON suicides
Jan. 23 Wilhelmina JONES dies from the effect of an assault by Albert ONTIVIRAS
Jan. 23 William H. PATTERSON suicides
Jan. 25 Maria M. HOWARD suicides by chloroform
Jan. 30 Joseph MEYER drowned in the bay
Feb. 1 Adolph GOETZIN suicides
Feb. 2 John W. NELSON suicides by drowning
Feb. 6 J. ANTONIA suicides by strychnine
Feb. 8 A. TASSARO attempts to murder A.D. SPLIVALO, and then suicides by pistol
Feb. 8 Charles GAVE dies of injuries received in a fight with Hugh O'NEIL
Feb. 10 George E. FENTON, 17 years old, suicides by pistol
Feb. 10 The body of E. BUSHWICK, supposed suicide, found near Ocean Beach House
Feb. 10 George E. McCARTY suicides
Feb. 11 John KJELDSTROM suicides
Feb. 11 John SHORTREED suicides
Feb. 12 Florence HOFFER suicides
Feb. 13 William H. FOX suicides
Feb. 15 John BRADLEY is killed by a windlass
Feb. 17 James N. McCUNE, a member of the San Francisco Produce Exchange, dies
Feb. 18 Frederick BECK suicides
Feb. 20 Francis HARVEY suicides
Feb. 21 John SCOTT suicides
Feb. 25 John McGUIRE sentenced for the murder of Thomas WILLIAMS
Feb. 25 Police Officer COPPOLA dies from pistol shot fired by his wife
March 1 Charles C. NAHL, the eminent figure painter, and and "Argonaut" of 1850, dies.
March 2 John BRARENS found dead
March 3 Guy R. SKINNER suicides
March 3 William INKHEN drowned in the bay
March 3 Thaddeus HONAN, a training-ship boy, suicides by drowning
March 5 The body of Joseph D. OLESEN recovered from the bay
March 8 Lerenzo ALLONI dies from knife wound
March 11 Several severe accidents occur from runaway horses, by one of which Miss HYDE is killed
March 11 James HAMILTON, a distinguished marine painter, dies
March 16 Emma C. DOWNES dies from aborton by Mrs. C.L. HODGDON
March 17 Dr. Samuel DUNCAN suicides
March 17 P.J. McGINN suicides by drowning.
March 17 J.A. LINEHAN suicides by pistol
March 19 Mrs. Cynthia L. HODGDON is held for the murder of Emma C. DOWNES
March 19 Adam ZWECKLER suicides by hanging
March 19 Joseph MAGUIRE, musician, dies in Oakland
March 22 Jeanette DELPODIA suicides by strychnine
March 24 John LANGE suicides
March 26 William FAULKNER dies
March 27 John DUNN suicides by pistol
March 27 John DONNELLY suicides by pistol
March 27 A.J. JEGHERS, for many years Deputy County Clerk, dies
March 29 Mark HOPKINS, Treasurer Central Pacific R.R. Co., dies at Fort Yuma, A.T.
March 31 James E. DEMING suicides by pistol
March 31 John SMITH accidentally drowns in the bay
April 5 Louis ALBISCHER suicides by strychnine
April 5 William REGAN found dead
April 6 John W. AMES, United States Surveyor-General for California, dies
April 7 A.R. WATTERSON suicides by poison
April 9 Patrick FARRALLY suicides
April 10 Mrs. STEWART and two children burned to death at 1214 Stockton street
April 13 Cortland WOOD suicides
April 16 Street car runs over and kills John CALLAHAN
April 20 Frank SPEARMAN killed by a dummy of the California Street R.R.
April 22 Matthais HOLLEBACH suicides
April 26 John RUNK is hanged in the County Jail for the murder of policeman COOTS
April 28 John WALL drops dead
April 29 George H. HOWARD dies at San Mateo
May 2 W.S. O'BRIEN, of the bonanza firm, dies.
May 4 The funeral of the late W.S. O'BRIEN is largely attended
May 10 John TUTTLE suicides with aconite
May 12 Louis HEYMAN suicides
May 12 James MANNATYNE accidentally drowns in the bay
May 14 Christopher MYRTENS suicides
May 15 Dr. W.G. WAYMAN, member of the Board of Health, dies
May 18 Mrs. B. ST. DENIS  killed by fall from a balcony
May 20 Michael SHANNON dies from stab by parties unknown
May 21 Andrew SPOHR murders his wife, Lena
May 22 James BAXTER dies from wounds inflicted by A.P. CHURCH
May 23 Gustav A. KEMPEL suicides by drowning
May 24 Thomas ROSE suicides
May 26 John MURPHY drowned in the bay
May 26 Edward DRUMMOND drowned in the bay
May 26 Moritz MARKS drowned off North Beach
May 27 Dr. R.B. TODD accidentally shoots and kills William E. STURGES
May 31 Denis DONNELLY suicides
June 1 William H. BUTLER suicides
June 6 Ellen WEYERMILLER suicides by drowning
June 6 Thomas J. ARNOLD dies
June 7 Adah L. VAN HEUSSEN dies from aborthon
June 8 Sol. A. SHARP, a distinguished member of the San Francisco bar, dies
June 9 James DOWNEY suicides by drowning
June 10 Charles WARNER suicides by drowning
Jun 11 John G. GERDING suicides
June 11 John B. STEVENSON found dead
June 18 P.J. KEDROLIVANSKEY dies from fracture of skull
June 21 Edward HANRAHAN kills both his wife and cousin, Michael SHEEHAN, with an axe
June 24 Pierce NEAGLE shoots Bridget T. HARDNETT and then suicides
June 26 William HERBOLD suicides
June 27 Thomas DOWNING suicides
June 28 Augustus HAHN suicides
July 5 Luis VARGAS suicides
July 11 Isaac FRIEDLANDER, a prominent merchant, dies
July 11 John H. RUBY suicides
July 16 William OAKS dies from a fractured skull
July 16 Honora LYNCH dies from a stab inflicted by her husband
July 20 Thomas N. STARR suicides by drowning
July 24 John HEIDEMANN suicides
Aug. 1 Henry DROGE murders his wife and suicides
Aug. 3 A telegram announces the death of Michael REESE in Germany
Aug. 4 John B. WARNER shoots and kills William J. WILSON
Aug. 9 Geroge SMITH suicides
Aug. 11 Henry J. MONTAGUE, distinguished society actor, dies
Aug. 12 Thomas THOMPSON suicides
Aug. 15 Louis COLEN suicides
Aug. 18 Ferd. T. BREWSTER killed at South Pacific Coast R.R. landing, Alameda
Aug. 20 P.J. BOARDMAN suicides
Aug. 20 N.R. MIDDLETON fatally injured by street car horses
Aug. 23 Sophia WAHR, aged 13, suicides by strychnine
Aug. 14 [sic.] John McGOWAN dies from stab inflicted by William HOWARD
Aug. 27 A.H. MANSON suicides when about to be arrensted for the attempted murder of his wife
Aug. 27 Joseph [B?]RUSHER suicides
Aug. 29 A shooting affray between ex-Supervisor M.J. KELLY and his brother-in-law, John RUSSELL
Sept. 1 John RUSSELL dies of his wound
Sept. 1 Jacob KISTER accidentally shoots and kills Frank HEIGLE
Sept. 2 Ex-Governor H.H. HAIGHT dies
Sept. 7 Higinio de CIMIA suicides
Sept. 11 Alexander AUSTIN, ex-Tax Collector, suicides at San Mateo
Sept. 14 Hattie L. RUSSELL suicides
Sept. 17 Gustav MAHE, Director General French Bank, suicides
Sept. 17 Captain Albert G. JONES dies
Sept. 19 Mary Ann BURNS suicides by poison
Sept. 26 Julius A. KEEFE suicides
Sept. 30 Daniel MERKLE, a hoodlum, aged 19, shot and killed by Edward A. VON SCHMIDT
Sept. 30 Maude McNEAL suicides
Oct. 1 J.H. MONTGOMERY suicides
Oct. 4 Charles M. MARTIN dies from having been thrown from a balcony
Oct. 9 David D. COLTON, Financial Director of the C.P.R.R. Co., and Vice President of S.P.R.R. Co., dies
Oct. 16 Julius KNOPF suicides
Oct. 17 Andrew SPOHR sentenced for life for wife murder
Oct. 18 Guiseppe CARIFFINA suicides
Oct. 19 Thomas L. SMITH accidentally shot and killed by E.H. LADD
Oct. 22 Thomas P. KETTELL, journalist, dies
Oct. 23 George BUXTON suicides
Oct. 26 Heinrich BUSCHER suicides
Oct. 26 Andrew SANDEY dies from injuries received by a Market street car
Oct. 28 Colonel Richard REALF suicides in Oakland
Oct. 31 Frank H. ROSCOE suicides
Nov. 2 W.H. RULOFSON, Sr., photographer, killed by a fall
Nov. 6 Moses KULLMAN suicides
Nov. 7 Ann M. BARRY murdered by Michael SULLIVAN, alias "Red Mike"
Nov. 12 Henry S. SMITH, Vice-President Mechanics' Institute, dies
Nov. 17 John CORNING, Assistant General Superintendent C.P.R.R., dies at Los Angeles
Nov. 21 Geroge M. SMITH kills his wife for refusing to live with him
Nov. 21 Bernard F. KENNY, delegate to the Constitutional Convention, des
Nov. 22 Charles H. FRENCH, hackman, killded by the overturning of his hack
Nov. 23 Giovanni MIRASOLE suicides
Nov. 24 Mary RODRIGUEZ dies from wounds infrlicted by J.B. AYRES
Nov. 28 Wilhelm TAURECK suicides
Nov. 30 Louis DEVERGER suicides
Dec. 1 Jean PAPON suicides
Dec. 1 Charles A. BAUER suicides
Dec. 5 George GARDINER suicides
Dec. 7 William K. BLACK dies
Dec. 8 Ernest A. BLACKBURN suicides
Dec. 9 Patrick THORNTON suicides
Dec. 11 N. LANDRY, real-estate agent, suicides
Dec. 13 Carsten H. WARMHOLZ suicides
Dec. 15 General B.S. ALEXANDER, U.S.A., President Board of Engineers Pacific Coast, dies
Dec. 18 Andrew J. POPE dies
Dec. 24 Charles E. GORHAM suicides
Dec. 24 Jerome BARABINO suicides
Dec. 26 William S. WELLS drowns in Lake Merritt
Dec. 30 Thomas CROSSLEY shoots his wife and then suicides
Dec. 30 John H. COOVER suicides

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