San Mateo County Genealogy
1878 'Patron's Directory'
Surnames N - R
from Moore & DePue's Illustrated History of San Mateo County, California,
G.T. Brown & Co. Lith., San Francisco, 1878.

[Transcriber's note:  The surnames do not all appear in strict alphabetical order.  They are shown here in the same order they appear in the original book.]

NUTTING, H.N. Maine 1865 1866 Attorney at Law Redwood City Redwood City
NELSON, L. Denmark 1875 1875 Thresher Redwood City Redwood City
NEWMAN, Wm. Tennessee 1875 1875 Farmer Pescadero Pescadero
NELSON, W. Illinois 1859 1871 Livery and Superintendent Water Works Spanishtown Half Moon Bay
NICHOLSON, M.H. Ireland 1861 1876 San Mateo San Mateo 4
NEALON, Patrick Ireland 1856 1856 Junk Business Redwood City Redwood City
NELSON, Mrs.A.N. Ireland 1866 1866 Redwood City Redwood City
NASH, John C. Ireland 1863 1871 Teacher Byrne's Store Byrne's Store
O'RIELY, E. Ireland 1847 1861 Farming Tunitas RIdge Lobitas 233
OLIVER, J.N. Canada 1869 1869 Blacksmith Belmont Belmont 1
PHARIS, S.P. New York 1853 1853 Lumberman Summit Springs Woodside 6,000
PHILLIPPS, Geo. New York 1877 1877 Porter Pescadero Pescadero
PITCHER, H.S. Missouri 1854 1870 Postmaster and Stationery Spanishtown Half Moon Bay
Pescadero Library Association Established 1865 A.B.WEAVER, President
PALLMER, Jesse England 1863 1867 Millman HANSON, ACKERSON & Co.'s Mill La Honda
PHELPS, T.G. New York 1849 1853 Farming, Stock-raising and Dairying Belmont Belmont 3,200
PROCTOR, Chas. E. Maine 1868 1876 Painter San Mateo San Mateo
PLUMMER, Merrill Maine 1852 1853 Saloon Keeper Searsville Searsville
PREBBLE, G.W. Australia 1860 1860 Grocery and Saloon Redwood City Redwood City
PAULSON, Paul Denmark 1859 1859 Teamster Redwood City Redwood City
PASLAQUA, A. Italy 1875 1875 Merchant and Postmaster Colma Colma
PALMER, M.C. Vermont 1851 1853 Carpenter and Farmer Summit Springs Woodside 63
POTTER, J.C. New Jersey 1854 1866 Superintendent San Mateo County Hospital and Farm San Mateo San Mateo
QUENTIN, James Pennsylvania 1849 1867 Farmer and Dairyman San Gregorio San Gregorio 1,300
ROHRER, Fred Mayland 1849 1866 County Clerk and Recorder Redwood City Redwood City
RICE, T.H. New York 1857 1861 Lumberman Redwood City Redwood City 340
RAYNOR, Wm. England 1850 1857 Farmer San Gregorio San Gregorio 748
ROWE, Wm. New York 1859 1859 Farmer San Mateo San Mateo 4
RING, R. Ireland 1853 1853 Farmer Lobitas Lobitas 376
RALSTON, John Pennsylvania 1854 1858 Farmer San Gregorio Ranch San Gregorio 1,200
RALSTON, Wm. California 1857 1858 Farmer San Gregorio San Gregorio
REED, Thomas New York 1850 1856 Farmer Belmont Belmont
RAWLS, Robert Illinois 1861 1867 Stage Driver Pescadero Pescadero
RANDALL, C. Sweden 1868 1878 Farmer Redwood City Redwood City 1
ROGING, M. Portugal 1867 1877 Farmer Menlo Park Mayfield
ROLLE, Thos. Virginia 1858 1873 Proprietor Uncle Tom's Cabin Uncle Tom's Cabin San Bruno
RAPLEY, J. Canada 1863 1863 Farming La Honda Creek Searsville 200
ROHRER, Calvin Maryland 1849 1873 Hotel and Farming Summit Springs Woodside
RAFFORD, R.C. New York 1850 1875 Engineer Summit Springs Woodside
RAYNER, John England 1870 1870 Farmer San Andreas Valley Millbrae
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