Naturalized Voters Card File

An index card file located in The San Mateo County Recorders Record Repository
Record of Naturalized Voters circa 1930s

Index by Celeste Guillory
Edited by Cath Trindle

A photocopy of most of this file is available in the SMCGS Library.
(published by permission of the San Mateo County Genealogical Society, 2009)

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Surname Given Name Naturalization Date Date Registered Place of Naturalization Person Actually Naturalized Voting District Marriage Date Birthplace
Abegglen Christian 10/1/1900 Redding, CA SM5
Abelilng Hannah Hawaii Herman Abeling -H Blgme15 2/25/1883
Abelli Antonio CampKearney Bel2
Abrahams Samuel A. 3/24/1905 San Francisco Harry Abrahams - -F RC19
Acheson Joseph H. Mary Heron Acheson - -M SM15
Achille Bosco M. 4/7/1905 Sacramento SM3
Ackermann Thekla
Adams Anna Sophie 12/6/1920 San Francisco Geroge Agustus Adams-H Blgme3 12/6/1920
Adams Mary Monterey John P. Adams (of TN)-H Blgme 7 9/1/1909
Adams Nicholas 7/2/1902 San Francisco ATH4
Adams William Alexander William Henry Adams - -F SM8
Adelson Heiman B 10/4/1884 San Francisco DC6
Adler Charles 12/28/1911 San Francisco Col3
Adolphson Gustave Fabian 5/3/1913 San Francisco SM1
Adolphson Nellie 4/3/1918 Santa Rosa Gustave Fabian Adolphson-H SM1 5/3/1913 SF
Agorastos Christopher 3/7/1927 San Francisco Blgme18
Ahern Daniel 2/20/1905 4th Cong Dist. Court DC4
Ahlander Louise Utah Berton Ahlander-H RC13 9/30/1905
Alapi Hand 11/14/1917 Santa Rosa DC14
Alapi Rosie 11/14/1917 Santa Rosa Hans Alapi-H DC14
Alberigi Andrew 1/17/1922 San Francisco DC3
Alberigi Giorgina 1/17/1922 San Francisco Andrew Alberigi-H DC3 2/24/1917
Albert Anton
Albertoni Barbara 1/7/1907 Theodore Albertoni-H Blgme3
Albushie Anita Helene Portland OR George Albushie -F DC4
Aldinger Albert 3/13/1911 Sacramento Lawndale
Aldinger Christiane Sacramento Albert Aldinger-H Lawndale 4/10/1910
Alessandri Catherine 2/16/1917 San Francisco Graziani Allessandri -F DC4
Alexander Margaret Canada John Alexander -H RC21 3/26/1884
Alfano Lonis 5/22/1903 Patterson NJ SSF9
Alhander Berton T RT Ahlander -F RC 13
Aliamus Remi Augustf 9/1898 San Francisco SM2
Allan Margaret J 3/18/1890 Cleveland OH Robert F Allan-H SM10
Allan Robert F 3/18/1890 Cleveland OH SM10
Allen Anna P 3/26/1905 San Francisco William E Allen -H SM28
Allen Annie Barbara San Francisco Frederick M Allen -H SB7 10/20/1897
Allen Edith S 1860 to 1864 Brooklyn NY Charles S Allen -F Blgme16
Allen Frederick MarkCook 9/18/1896 San Francisco SB7
Allen Margaret 9/18/1890 Cleveland OH Robert F Allen -H Blgme 10
Allen Mary Vallejo CA Edward V Allen of NY -H Blgme 16 11/28/1911
Allen Robert F 9/18/1890 Cleveland OH Blgme 10
Alletson George Joshua 2/2/1920 San Francisco SM18
Alletson Lillian Rugless 2/2/1920 San Francisco George Joshua Alletson-H  SM18
Almquist Matilda 10/24/1892 Washington John Almquist -H DC13
Alsfasser Rose 3/24/1905 San Francisco Gustave Kundera -F SC O
Altieri Joseph D Angelo Altieri--F Colma1 7/11/1907
Altman Germain B New York Clarence D. Altman-H Blgme4 8/13/1919
Alves Virginia 3/25/1905 Marin Co Frank Enos Alves-H HMB2
Alward Frank 5/21/1914 San Francisco DC3
Alward Jessie L 5/21/1914 San Francisco Frank Alward-H DC3
Amos Harry F 4/2/1905 San Francisco Blg 15
Amos Harry F 3/10/1919 San Francisco Blg15
Amphlett Richard Martin Mar-1892 San Francisco SM11
Anders Herman 11/1/1900 Chicago, IL DC4
Anders Ottilie Marie 11/1/1900 Chicago, IL Herman Anders-H DC4
Andersen Andrea 2/10/1883 Polk Co IA Martin Andersen-H EPA1
Andersen Bernt 10/23/1901 Spokane WA SB4
Andersen Carl 2/28/1917 San Francisco DC6
Andersen Julianna San Francisco Fred O Andersen-H 6/2/1909
Andersen Margaret E. Detroit MI Neils Andersen-H 3/23/1905
Andersen Martin 2/10/1883 Polk Co IA EPA1
Andersen Neils 3/8/1905 MilwaukeeWI SM28
Anderson Arthur E 4/2/1905 NY
Anderson Bertha M. San Francisco husband SanPedro 7/7/1916
Anderson Bertha Nathalia 12/2/1918 San Francisco Carol Aron Anderson DC3
Anderson Carol Aron 12/2/1918 San Francisco DC3
Anderson Charles William 1900 San Francisco John Anderson - father DC10
Anderson Edith E 12/26/1916 Redwood City Frank D. Anderson husband BLG1
Anderson Emma Christina 11/4/1896 Illinois Oscar Anderson SB8
Anderson Francis Dunbar 12/26/1926 Redwood City Blg1
Anderson Fred O 1896 San Francisco H.C. Anderson father DC3
Anderson Gustaf Gerald 5/24/1921 Park Rapids MN Blg6
Anderson Hazel 10/24/1927 no other i
Anderson Janne 9/4/1896 Blg4
Anderson John 12/8/1904 San Francisco DC7
Anderson John 10/24/1927
Anderson John Peter Sep 1898 St. Paul MN August M Anderson father RC9
Anderson Joseph 3/3/1897 San Francisco blg2
Anderson Julia E John Sipos father rav2
Anderson Julius 9/1/1908 San Francisco EPA2
Anderson Marie Leander Erickson father Blg 1
Anderson Mathias O. 4/8/1917 San Francisco SanPedro
Anderson Oscar 11/4/1896 Illinois SB8
Anderson Oscar F 7/11/1894 Chicago IL SM21
Anderson Sidney L Redding, Shasta, CA Alfred Henry Anderson husband MP5
Andre paul 10/24/1927 moved
Andreade Barbara San Francisco Antone Andrade 11/29/1916
Andreen Emma 1886 San Francisco Nils Andy Andreen husband wdsd
Andreini Alfred 10/15/1918 Camp Fremont RC5
Angelini Carlo G 4/30/1929 Redwood City SSF5
Angelini Guisippi 1927 Redwood City HMB2
Angier Maneul Walley R Angier father Blg13
Antone Michael K 7/26/1927 Redwood City SSF7
Antone Yanka 4/30/1929 Redwood City SSF7
Antoniazzi Antone 11/30/1926 Redwood City SSF5
Anzini Irma 3/18/1927 San Francisco SM17
Arata Antonio 1882 Conta Costa CO HMB2
Arata Attilio 9/4/1918 San Francisco DC2
Arends Tillie 1870 Freeport IL H W Ebeding father RC18
Armand Marguerite Elizabeth Feb 1919 MercedCO Paul H Armand Husband RC9
Armand Paul H 2/1/1919 Vancouver WA RC9
Armstrong Ada Keloma BC Canada Raymond Lawson Armstrong husband NPA 12/27/1912
Armstrong Andrew 8/13/1892 San Francisco Blgme5
Arnaud Marguerite E 1st Husband - name not given RC9 11/19/1906
Arndt Adolph T 7/10/1917 San Francisco SSF7
Arndt Fred 7/31/1929 Redwood City SSF7
Arndt Jennie 7/10/1917 San Francisco Adolph Arndt husband SSF7
Arney James George 10/19/1894 San Francisco SB1
Arney James L 10/13/1894 San Francisco James George Arney father SB1
Arnold Augustus Blundell Richard Arnold father SM26
Arnold Frances S 7/14/1906 Richard Arnold husband
Arnold Ida T New York City Harry W Arnold husband RC21 2/18/1905
Aronson Moses Isaac 7/22/1880 San Francisco Blgme19
Arreghini Florence Josefa Henry Stephens father Visitacion
Arthur George H James Lemuel Arthur SM19
Asche Bertha 1875 Chicago Louis Lee father MP4
Ascher Adda M San Mateo Henry D Ascher husband SM15 10/31/1908
Ascher Henry D San Francisco SM15
Aselio Gennie Trinidad CO John Aselio Visitacion 2/23/1918
Aselio John 10/6/1891 Chicago IL Andrew Aselio father Visitacion
Aserini Amilio 12/30/1913 RedwoodCity SSF10
Ash Richard 5/17/1888 San Francisco Blgme4
Ashby Ingeborg Thams Idaho Horace P Ashby husband Blgme4 12/23/1911
Ashe Ellen San Francisco Richard C Ashe SM18 1/28/1889
Asplund Andrew 6/18/1918 Maryland SB3
Atkind Hyman 3/3/1924 San Francisco DC12
Atkind Lena 11/30/1926 Redwood City DC12
Atkins Annie San Francisco Milton H Atkins Blgme12 11/17/1895
Atkinson Isabella England Ralph Aktinson RC10 1/15/1916
Atkinson Lizzie J 9/27/1890 San Francisco David F Atkinson Colma2
Atkinson Ralph Aug 1883 San Francisco RC10
Atzori Adelaide 11/28/1929 Redwood City SSF4
Aubert Francoise 9/24/1893 San Francisco Martial Aubert husband SM4
Aubert Martial 1896 San Francisco SM4
Auga John 8/28/1917 Redwood City blgme6
Auga Josephine John Auga Blgme6 4/27/1918
Auga Theodore 10/4/1917 11/3/1927 San Francisco Blgme5
Auga Zoe 10/4/1917 Redwood City Theodore Auga husband nat. SF blgme5 6/11/1921
Aurand Arthur Albert 6/12/1918 Washington DC SB4
Avilla John J 1902 10/24/1927 Martinez moved
Ayers Anna Santa Clara Alexander Ayers husband SM12 7/3/1884
Azevedo Antone Sr. 8/2/1888 Redwood City HMB1
Azevedo Manuel B 8/27/1904 San Francisco SM3
Baccala E Emile 8/8/1892 SanFrancisco SB6
Bach Anton M 11/26/1901 Elizabethport NJ NPA
Bach Camilla ME 11/26/1901 Plainfield NJ Anton M Bach NPA 4/5/1897
Bacigalupi Argentina 3/5/1928 San Francisco Louis Bacigalupi Colma2
Bacigalupi Louis 8/19/1919 San Mateo Co Colma2
Bacigalupi Luiji 11/14/1918 Camp Kearny San Diego Co CA Colma2
Baden Trina San Francisco John JC Baden SM13 3/9/1905
Baden John HC 7/15/1902 7/15/1902 San Francisco SM13
Badley Ernest B Brenton H Bradle - f Blgme5
Bagg Ellen husband Blgme4
Bailey Christine Chicago IL George Wm Bailey - h (MA) Blgme 23 1/9/1922
Bailey George Joseph Robert L Bailey father
Bain William E 8/8/1896 San Francisco SM24
Baird James 12/1920 San Francisco DC4
Baird Mary 12/2 DC4
Baker Charles at age 5 William Smith - f DC7
Baker Edith O Blgme22
Baker Margaret Redwood City Michael Baker SM27 12/1911
Baker marie F Seattle WA Joseph C - h Blgme 13 6/9/1919
Baker Mary Chico CA husband DC1 5/20/1908
Baker Michael 1911 Redwood City SM27
Baker Peter 7/6/1892 San Francisco DC2
Bakewell Elizabeth San Mateo Fred Baker husband Blgme14 4/30/1908
Bakr Augusta 9/28/1896 Door Co WI Herman Bahr husband RC13
Balanesi Guiseppe 1929 Redwood City Purissma
Baldasseroni Guido 8/20/1918 Toledo OH SSF7
Balderston Jane Chicago IL M Holmes Balderston SM29 6/1888
Baldini Mary Louise 7/30/1920 Redwood City Humbert Baldini husband SSF1
Bales Hortense MJ France Elmer Bales SB2 6/4/1919
Balestracci Clementina 9/19/1904 Auray CO Liopoldo Balestrocci husband SSF7
Balestrocci Leopoldo 9/19/1904 Auray CO SSF7
Ball Alexander 10/26/1904 Chicago IL Blgme19
Ball Alexander 10/26/1904 Chicago IL Blgme22
Ballanf Joe 6/1916 San Francisco SM6
Ballanf Victoria 6/1916 San Francisco Joe Ballanf husband SM6
Balopulos Stavros 9/8/1919 Fairfield CA SSF 10
Balovich Filomena San Francisco George Balovich husband SM 24 4/23/1907
Balovich George 1896 Hollister CA SM 24
Balzarini Antonio 4/24/1924 Redwood City RCO 4
Balzer Elsie 3/1911 San Francisco SM 31 2/5/1910
Balzer Elsie 5/6/1912 San Francisco Gustave Otto Balzer Beres 3/5/1910
Balzer Gustave O 3/1911 San Francisco SM31
Balzer Gustave Otto 5/6/1912 San Francisco Beres
Bamby Ernest M 7/31/1923 Redwood City Ravens 1
Bandone Carlo 7/29/1924 San Mateo County Colma 3
Bannerot Eugene 11/3/1927 Blgme 6
Banon Andrew 1863 Alameda Co. SM 31
Banzet Christian 10/26/1927 Beres
Baradat Philomene San Francisco James Baradat husband Bel 1 6/3/1909
Barats Jean Louis 4/1913 San Francisco RC 9
Barats Maria San Francisco Jean Louis Barats husband RC 9 4/10/1915
Baratteri Maria 4/8/1912 Hanford CA Peter Baratteri husband SSF 10
Baratteri Peter 4/8/1912 Hanford CA SSF 10
Barbagelata John 11/24/1914 San Francisco Blgme 5
Barbieri Peter 1/2/1920 San Francisco SB 6
Barbison Frank Silvio 4/23/1919 SF Presidio Blgme 1
Barbison Rose Redwood City Frank S Barbison Blgme 1 3/7/1923
Barlettani Annunziata 7/22/1918 Camp Lewis Eader BArlettani SSf 3
Barlettoni Eader 7/22/1918 Camp Lewis SSF 3
Barlolomei Salvatore 12/27/1921 Redwood City RC 2
Barman Beatrice San Francisco Jacob Barman MP 5 4/12/1917
Barman Jacob JR 1889 San Francisco Jacob Barman father MP 5
Barnby Martha F. 7/31/1923 Redwood City Ernest M Barnby Ravens 1
Barner Herman W 10/9/1899 San Francisco RCO 1
Barnes Jesse 1/15/1920 San Francisco SM 6
Barnes Minnie William C Black father SM 26
Barnett Rose H 11/14/1881 San Francisco Thomas Barnett husband DC 1
Barni Fernanco 11/27/1928 Redwood City SSF 4
Barr George 12/5/1921 San Francisco Blgme 20
Barr Isabelle 9/14/1915 San Francisco husband Blgme 1
Barr Janet 12/5/1921 San Francisco George Barr husband Blgme 20 4/25/1908
Barr Jennings Dixon 9/14/1915 San Francisco Blgme 1
Barrer Edward A 5/5/1918 San Francisco Blgme 18
Barrett Bertha 7/31/1929 Redwood City Henry Barrett NPA
Barrett Henry 7/31/1929 Redwood City NPA
Barrett Joseph 7/21/1897 Brooklyn NY Blgme 16
Barron Andrew Skulley 10/26/1927 Beres
Barrow Mary C Samuel Card father EJ Barrow husband RC 21
Barsanti Umberto 3/14/1924 Montana SSF 5
Barsglia Assunta 7/30/1929 Redwood City SSF9
Barsi Ernest 12/29/1914 Redwood City Colma 1
Barsi Mary 12/29/1914 Redwood City Ernest Barsi husband Colma 1 7/21/1912
Barsotti Ernesto 3/1914 San Francisco San Pedro
Barsotti Frank 7/21/1892 Redwood City Colma 2
Barsuglia Assunta 7/30/1929 Redwood City SSF 9
Bartell Emilia San Jose Charles Bartell RC 19 Oct 1918
Barthelemy Maurice Francois 11/7/1928 San Francisco SM 29
Bartholomew John 7/12/1918 San Francisco SM 2
Bartle Catherine J 7/1905 San Jose Cephas Bartle husband SM19
Bartle Cephas 7/1905 San Jose SM 19
Bartle Katherine Milne San Jose Cephas Bartle father SM 19
Bartley Richard 11/26/1875 Redwood City La Honda
Bartoldi Henry 1/19/1918 Tacoma WA SSF 9
Bartolomei Henrietta 12/27/1921 Redwood City Salvatore Bartolomei husband RC 2
Barton Gertrude Redwood City F H Barton RC 20 1/12/1918
Barz Mary K San Rafael Frederick Carl Barz husband SM 11 1/7/1910
Basin Mathau H 1916 San Francisco STH 1
Basin Rebecca 1916 San Francisco born in AR - Mathau Basin husband ATH 1
Bassett Alice 4/26/1927 Redwood City Walter Bassett Husband ATH 1
Bassett David 4/25/1922 Redwood City ATH 1
Bassett Lottie 4/25/1922 Redwood City David J Bassett husband ATH 1
BAssett Walter 11/30/1926 Redwood City ATH 1
Bassetti Giovannina 6/25/1888 San Benito Co Pietro Frusetta father Blgme 9
Bassetti Antone Antone 8/1886 1/24/1927 San Louis Obispo ATH 1
Basso pIETRO 10-/3/1927 San Francisco SM 3
BAstianelli Orlando 3/4/1929 San Francisco Mill 1
Batdorf Nellie China Charles W Batdorf husband SM 27 4/6/1911
Batinich George Ivan 1905 San Francisco SM 22
Battaini Mary 9/13/1920 San Francisco DC 11
Batten Caroline Detroit MI William Vaughn father Blgme 31
BAuer Freda San Francisco Christian BAuer husband ATH 1 5/3/1902
Bauer Hugo E 1920 New York Blgme 12
BAuesr Christen 6/24/1900 10/24/27 San Francisco ATH 1
Baumgartner Lorenz 1/5/1918 Pitrtsburgh PA Ath 3
Baumgartner Marie 1/5/1918 Pittsburgh PA Lorenz Baumgartner husband Ath 3
Baylo Elena 12/29/1903 San Francisco John Baylo husband SM 2
Baylo Giovanni 9/14/1914 San Francisco SM2
Bazzani John 6/3/1919 Butte MT SSF 4
Bazzani Peter 4/2/1919 Butte MT SSF 4
Beaton Duncan 4/11/1914 San Francisco SB 7
Beaton Duncan JR 4/11/1914 San Francisco Duncan Beaton father SB 7
Beaton Isabella R 4/11/1914 San Francisco Duncan Beaton father SB 7
Beaton Jane 4/11/1918 San Francisco Duncan Beaton husband SB 7
Beaton Jean 4/11/1914 San Francisco Duncan Beaton father SB 7
Beck Ludwig H 9/11/1914 San Francisco Lomita 2
Becker Alfred 10/30/1903 Napa CA William Remie Becker Father Ath 1
Becker Anita born in CA Ath 1
Becker Caspar R 8/28/1896 Chicago IL SM 27
Becker George 7/20/1896 New York City/ Brooklyn Blgme 10
Becker Marie New York City George Becker husband Blgme 10
Becker Vena Hisperia MI Archibald L Becker SM 9 7/26/1899
Bedford Elizabeth 4/21/1892 New York City James W Bedford Sr SB 8
Bedford James W Sr 4/21/1892 New York SB 8
Bee Carrie 4/30/1927 Redwood City Percie Thomas Bee husband Bel O
Bee Percie Thomas 2/6/1928 San Francisco Bel O
Beeger Mary Redwood City Henry Beeger husband RC 18 7/22/1888
Beer Charlotte A England HJ Beer RC 11 4/18/1871
Beer Fred E 1920 Redwood City SM 32
Beer Hilda 8/17/1916 Redwood City SC 2
Beeson Theresa Indiana Thomas J Beeson born TX DC 5` 7/26/1910
Belisario Ethel New York City Leopold Belisario Blgme 17 1910
Bell Gwendolyn 6/9/1926 Independents CA Blgme 4
Bellagamba Emma 7/30/1920 Redwood City Ruggero Bellagamba husband SSF 8
Bellagamba Ruggero 7/30/1920 Redwood Cith SSF 8
Bellamy Sarah Ann 11/2/1900 Concord NH James Ballamy husband SB 4
Bellatti Giacondo M 6/12/1906 Eureka CA
Belli Ernesta 8/20/1887 San Francisco Mansueto Belli Colma 2
Belli Frank 5/15/1890 San Francisco Isaia Belli - father
Belli Giuseppe 12/29/1914 San mateo Co. Colma 1
Belli Isaia 5/15/1890 SAn Francisco Colma 1
Belli Lazarus 7/1896 San Francisco Colma 3
Belli Nataline 5/15/1890 San Francisco Isaia Belli husband Colma 1 5/26/1873
Belli Olimpia 5/15/1890 San Francisco Frank Belli hus. Isaia father Colma 1 10/10/1907
Belli Rose 7/25/1888 San Francisco Silvio Belli Colma 2 2/19/1883
Belli Silvio 7/25/1888 San Francisco Colma 2
Bellmer paulilne Papeete, Tahite Charles P Simonia father DC 1
Bello John S Antonio S Bello father SB 6
Bellone Michele 7/31/1923 Redwood City SSF 11
Bellone Vittorio 2/8/1929 Redwood City SSF 11
Belote Harriet Kansas John F Belote SM1 11/4/1883
Beltrami Edgardo 7/26/1927 RedwoodCity SSF 11
Beltrami Fiorina 8/30/1915 Redwood City Guiseppe Beltrami SSF11
Beltrami Giuseppe 8/30/1915 Redwood City SSF 11
Beltramo John 10/8/1894 San Jose CA
Beltramo Madaline 10/8/1894 San Jose CA John Beltramo
Benassini Peter 6/11/1900 Napa Co. CA Colma 1
Bendinelli Julio John 2/24/1924 San Francisco SM5
Benke Herman 1900 Algano IA
Benndorf Bruno 7/1916 Redwood City San Pedro
Benndorf Stefanie Redwood City Bruno Benndorf-h San Pedro 7/27/1916
Bennett Charles 11/24/1925 Redwood City Beres
Bennett Isabella R 9/29/1911 San Francisco James R Bennett-h DC12
Bennett James R 9/29/1911 San Francisco DC12
Bennett Marie L 6/10/1929 San Jose CA Andrew B Bennett Raven1
Benneuitz Fred 6/22/1921 San Jose CA DC4
Bennewitz Fred Jr 6/22/1921 San Jose CA Fred Bennewitz-f DC4
Bennewitz Maria 6/22/1921 San Jose CA Fred Bennewitz-h DC4
Benson August 7/12/1892 San Francisco Raven1
Bente Frederick 1893 St. Louis MO RC12
Bentley John 1908 Philadelphia PA SM16
Berardi William L 7/20/1904 Malden Co MA Colma1
Berg Hilma J 10/25/1927 f Bel1
Berg John 10/8/1900 San Francisco BelmontO
Bergamaschi Clara San Francisco Luigi Bergamaschi-h SSF1 12/7/1920
Bergamaschi Luigi 12/12/1918 San Francisco SSF1
Bergford Edward Nickelson 12/8/1921 San Francisco Lomita P 1
Berggren F 10/17/1892 Brooklyn NY
Berggren Thora Brooklyn NY F. Berggren-h Blgme16 1/31/1892
Bergguist Henry 4/12/1928 San Francisco Blgme1
Bergman Obof E 5/2/1921 San Francisco RC9
Bergstrom Frank O 8/2/1921 San Francisco Raven2
Bergstrom Mathilda 4/6/1926 San Francisco Frank O Bergstrom Raven 2
Bernard Jules P 12/15/1902 Albany NY
Bernard Melanie 12/15/1902 Albany NY Jules P Bernard-h
Bernardo Mary 11/27/1928 RedwoodCity SSF8
Berndtsen Christine 4/24/1928 Redwood City RC21
Berndtsen Emil 7/26/1927 Redwood City RC21
Bernsdorf Oswad M 1/10/1910 Napa CA Mill 1
Berrone Giuseppe 8/21/1921 San Francisco SSF 9
Bertagna Olivo Domenico 11/26/1929 Redwood City SM3
Bertheau Cesar 9/21/1883 n not stated Raven 1
Bertini Adolph J 12/31/1909 San Mateo County Colma 1
Bertini Guido 6/7/1918 Camp Lewis WA Colma3
Bertini Yolanda San Francisco Guido Pardini-h Colma3 5/22/1919
Bertocchi Cesira 4/22/1922 Redwood City Agostino Bertoochi Colma 1 5/10/1910
Bertola Charles J 3/14/1912 San Francisco Colma 2
Bertoldi Felicia 10/11/1894 Butte MT Epifamia Bertoldi-h SSF9
Bertoli Emily Georgette 8/28/1917 Redwood City Egidio Sani-f SSF5
Bertolucci Antone 4/30/1918 Redwood City RC3
Bertolucci Caroline Redwood City Joseph A Bertolucci-h RC4 12/31/1920
Bertolucci Joseph A 1915 `Reno NV RC4
Bertoochi Agostino 4/22/1922 Redwood City Colma 1
Bertorelli Pete 4/3/1929 Redwood City SSF2
Bertsch Emile 8/8/1898 Redwood City SM25
Bertsch Joseph 5/12/1898 Madera CA MP2
Bertsch Laura 8/8/1898 Redwood City Emile Bertsch-h SM25
Bertuccelli Giuseppe 4/29/1913 Redwood City SSF3
Bertuccelli Rosi 4/29/1913 Redwood City Giuseppe Bertuccelli-h SSF3
Bertucci August 3/7/1920 Redwood City SSF9
Bertucci Rosa 3/7/1920 Redwood City August Bertucci-h
Bettelheim Hugo Joseph 1897 San Francisco SM19
Bettencourt Joe A @1901 Rewood City HMB2
Bettencourt Joe F. 6/23/1904 Redwood City SMB2
Bettencourt Manuel de R 8/1/1894 Redwood City Granada
Bettencourt Sarah I Burlingame Anthony Henry Bettencourt-h 7/12/1913
Betts Dora H James E Betts-h Blgme21 3/3/1911
Betts James E San Francisco Blgme 21
Beyeler Jean 5/2/1927 San Francisco Mill 1
Biagini Emilio 11/26/1917 San Francisco Colma 1
Bianchi Giovanni 5/9/1916 Redwood City Colma2
Bianchi Maria 5/9/1916 Redwood City Giovanni Bianchi-h Colma 2 7/7/1901
Bianchini Ausano 4/27/1915 San Mateo Co Colma1
Bianucci Luigi 10/15/1918 San Mateo Co Colma 2
Bickel Reinhold O 1915 San Francisco SM5
Biernath Amalie 5/8/1914 Philadelphia PA h Mill1
Bigazzi Alcide 4/12/1902 IL DC12
Bigelow Marie F San Francisco Edwin W Bigelow Raven1 9/15/1917
Biggio Enrico 8/6/1892 San Mateo Co Colma 3
Biggio Giovanni 9/12/1889 San Francisco Colma 2
Biggy Alice Menlo Park John W Biggy-h bn:CA Blgme24 10/26/1918
Bildhaner Antone J 2/28/1898 Minneapolis MN Stephen Bildhaner -f SSF9
Bildhaner Emilie South San Francisco Joseph T Bildhaner SSF 11 11/21/1914
Bildhaner Joseph T 2/28/1898 Minneapolis MN Stephen Bildhaner-f SSF11
Billsborough Fred 3/23/1928 San Francisco Blgme24
Bingmann Lina San Francisco Albert Bingmann DC7 7/3/1906
Binns Harry Harry Binns -f SM5
Bird Adam 1/14/1918 Massachusetts SSF6
Bird Hanna Mary 1/14/1918 Massachusetts Adam Bird -h SSF6
Bird Mary Jane 11/2/1927 Walter Manliff Bird-h Blgme4
Bird Walter Manliff Rolph Robert Bird-f Blgme 4
Bittmann Adolph 10/31/1888 Elizabeth NJ Blgme 3
Bizzo Susie San Francisco Jas. Bizzo-h bn:CA DC5 6/20/1916
Black Margaret J 1890 Chicago IL h Blgme24
Blair Carolina Redwood City John Blair DC7 6/12/1920
Blair David T 5/20/1913 San Francisco Blgme10
Blair John 9/20/1917 San Francisco DC7
Blanchette Mary Louis Blanchette-h Blgme32 10/30/1870
Blandini Marsilio 4/27/1928 Redwood City SSF 10
Blethen Nancy G Clement P Blethen SM15
Bletso John 5/31/1921 San Francisco Hills1
Blitano Carmela M Carlo DeMartini-f DC13
Bloch Samuel 11/4/1924 San Francisco SB7
Blomquist Anna 9/12/1921 San Francisco Gustaf R Blomquist DC4
Blomquist Gustaf R 9/12/1921 San Francisco DC4
Blomquist Herman Fredrick 9/12/1921 Gustaf Blomquist-f Pescadero2
Blondell Arthur J 9/15/1912 Jersey City NJ Raven2
Bloom Annie 11/7/1927 San Francisco RC9
Bloom Joseph 3/27/1925 San Francisco RC9
Bloomquist Carl A 3/21/1918 Minneapolis MN RC12
Blume Mary San Francisco Stanley J Blume-h San Pedro 8/3/1916
Blumer Alfred M 10/5/1925 San Francisco Blgme 15
Blumer Hermina 7/27/1916 Redwood City William Blumer Sr-h Blgme1
Blumer William 7/27/1916 Redwood City Blgme1
Blumer William Jr 7/27/1916 Redwood City William Blumer Sr Blgme 1
Bo;lin Laura J 8/6/1900 Fresno CA Charles E Bolin-h LomitaP2
Bobek Frank 7/20/1920 Bakersfield SC2
Boccalero John 11/29/1928 Redwood City RC10
Boccalero Joseph 11/26/1929 Redwood City RC10
Boddy Florence 10/28/1921 Los Angeles CA Blgme 18
Boehmer Henry 10/4/1882 Grand Rapids MI Blgme 14
Boerner Carl 9/4/1919 San Francisco Mill 1
Boerner Richard 9/4/1919 San Francisco Carl Boerner-f SM4
Boetto Elisa 11/27/1928 Redwood City MP2
Bogaerts Alis Maria 9/12/1927 San Francisco DC14
Bogart Anna 9/4/1919 San Francisco Maurice Bogart-h DC6
Bogart Maurice 9/4/1919 San Francisco DC6
Bogie James 5/26/1900 Conta Costa CA MP1
Boicelli Jennie San Francisco Silvio Biocelli-h Colma3 7/7/1905
Boido Aurelia 6/7/1920 San Francisco Victor Boido SSF8
Bolce Ella M HC Pratt-f Blgme19
Bolin Charles Edward 8/6/1900 Fresno CA LomitaP2
Bollazzi Charles 7/27/1916 Redwood City SSF2
Bollazzi Mary RedwoodCity Charles Bollazzi-h SSF2 7/27/1916
Bollentini Lena Juluis Ballentini-f SSF11
Bollentini Ventura 11/26/1929 San Mateo Co Colma3
Bolleri Ricardo 11/26/1929 Redwood City SSF10
Bolles Matilda Walter K Bolles-f SM14
Bolliger Peter 3/7/1906 San Francisco SB8
Bolling Ole 4/15/1894 San Francisco DC3
Boman Olaf 6/1900 San Francisco La Honda
Bon Prosper 4/28/1911 Redwood City SB4
Bona Mario 12/1922 Redwood City Hills1
Bona Rissieri 4/1918 San Francisco DC8
Bona Vittoria 4/1918 San Francisco Rissieri Bona-h DC8
Bonalanza John J 7/31/1928 Redwood City SSF8
Bonalanzo Ernest L 11/26/1929 Redwood City SSF 3
Bonald Louise 9/10/1917 San Francisco Amile Casmere Bonald-f DC1
Boni inda 6/5/1907 San Francisco Achile Boni-h Colma 1
Bonini Angelo 8/9/1918 Macon GA SSF2
Bonini Ida Naitainai 8/9/1918 Macon FA Anelo Bonini-h SSF2
Bonnar John 1893 Fresno CA MP1
Bonzani John 8/28/1917 Redwood City SSF2
Boorman Thelma Sydney Australia Wetherby Boorman LomitaP1 4/19/1922
Boos Emma Redwood City Frank Boos-h bn:CA RWC6 9/19/1889
Booth Fred G 3/1907 San Francisco Blgme14
Booth Isabel Kerr Berkeley CA Fred G Booth-h Blgme15 6/2/1916
Borba Flora A San Mateo Manuel A Borba-h SSF12 10/5/1910
Borba Manuel A Manuel Borba-f SSF12
Borba Manuel P 7/28/1890 San Francisco Mill1
Borchers John 9/1914 Jonesboro AR SM27
Borchers Louis H 1884 Crookston MN SM27
Bordenaue Jean Baptiste 8/1/1927 San Francisco SSF3
Borges Mary Los Angeles CA Frank A Borges-h SM26 11/20/1907
Bori Angelina h Blgme9
Borland Isabella G 7/11/1918 Bakersfield CA John Borland-h Blgme 22 9/24/1910 Scot
Borland John 7/11/1918 Bakersfield CA Blgme 22
Borrecco Manuel Silva 7/31/1886 Redwood City Pescadero2
Bortoli Giovanni 12/28/1917 Redwood City SSF5
Bortolin Luigi 8/5/1929 San Francisco SM3
Bosco Maria R 3/23/1905 Chicago IL Rony Bosco-h DC1
Bosco Tony 3/23/1905 Chicago IL DC1
Bossert Emilie M Emilie M 9/2/1913 Redwood City Rudolf Bossert-h Conrad Bartmann-f Denniston 5/6/1906 SF
Bosshard Julius 10/1916 San Bernardino CA SM8
Bostock Georgina Mary 12/20/1918 San Francisco Herbert Bostock-h DC6
Bostock Herbert 12/20/1918 San Francisco DC6
Botman John 10/21/1910 San Francisco Blgme14 ``
Botman Mary Stahl San Francisco John Botman Blgme14 11/8/1910
Bottari Mary 11/30/1926 Redwood City SB7
Bottari Ruggero 7/30/1929 Redwood city SB7
Bottiani Joseph S 7/31/1928 RedwoodCity SSF2
Botto Angela San Francisco Felice Botto-h RC2 12/26/1875
Boudry Catherine San Francisco Paul E Boudry-h SM21 8/14/1902
Bouey Freda Gretchen Vancouver BC Canada John Joseph Bouey-h Beres 9/23/1921
Bouret Delphine M 12/9/1908 Frank Bouret-f Blgme3
Bouret Francis 12/9/1908 San Francisco Blgme3
Bouret John Peter 8/28/1917 Redwood City Blgme5
Bouret Leon 7/26/1922 ` Redwood City Blgme9
Bouret Madaline 7/26/1922 Redwood City Leon Bouret-h Blgme9
Bouret Marie 12/9/1908 San Francisco Francois Bouret Blgme4
Bouret Veronica 8/28/1917 Redwood City John Peter Bouret-h Blgme5
Bourgois Jeanna Josephine 7/27/1920 San Francisco Rene Louis Bourgois SM20
Bourgois Rene L 7/27/1920 San Francisco SM20
Bourne Edmund 11/1/1926 SanFrancisco Blgme 6
Bourne Kate New York H Blgme6 8/16/1905
Bourquin Christine Aberdeen SC Harry E Bourquin RC14 12/17/1915
Bousquet Alphonse Jean 1901 San Francisco Blgme 27
Boverman MAx 1/27/1914 San Francisco Blgme22
Bovet Raymond 1929 Redwood City SMk28
Bowles A Gordon Charles W Bowles-f MP2
Bowles Helena Scott San Rafael Samuel Orrin Bowles-h 1/3/1907
Boyer Albert Edward 5/1925 San Francisco Blgme17
Boyer Helen M 3/1889 San Francisco Henry Richens-f Paul Boyer-h NPA
Boyle Annie 9/20/1908 San Francisco Thaddeus Boyle-h SSF1
Boyle Thaddeus 9/20/1908 San Francisco SSF1
Bozovich Peter George 1917 Junction City KS Blgme22
Brabant August J 10/24/1892 Colorado DC12
Brabant Joseph Elzear 6/22/1909 San Francisco DC4
Brachetti Maike 5/23/1921 Pittsburg PA SM4
Bradbury Thomas 4/29/1913 Redwood City Blgme 20
Bradley Edward F 1919 NY Blgme 27
Bradley Nellie Marin County CA William Bradley -f HMB2 1901
Bradshaw Alice MG 11/29/1927 Redwood City SM 26
Bradshaw Percy 3/17/1916 San Francisco SM26
Bragoni Esther Antonette 6/3/1918 San Diego JohnR Bragoni RC6
Bragoni Louis 4/29/1924 Redwood City Woodside
Braikovich Mathew 9/25/1925 Oakland CA SM7
Brarmer Abraham J 1909 Philadelphia PA Harry Brarmer-f Bel3
Bratzel Anna F Ludwig 8/1927 San Francisco George V Bratzel-h MP-O-3
Bratzel George V 10/21/1885 Bismark ND Wendel Bratzell-f JM-O-3
Braun Katherine 1/26/1910 San Francisco George Braun-h DC3 6/16/1904 Chicago
Braun William Ernest 11/1/1920 San Francisco MP-0-3
Brauns Louise St Paul MN H DC5 1/5/1907
Brauns Richard F.H. 12/5/1905 Grand forks ND DC5
Brazil Patrick 1868 San Francisco (burned) DC3
Bready John Edward 1904 RedwoodCity SM7
Breen Sarah A 1892 San Francisco Thomas William Breen Beres
Breen Sarah E San MAteo Thomas W Breen SM30 11/22/1904
Breen Thomas 12/1916 San Francisco SM2
Breen Thomas William 1892 San Francisco Beres
Breen Thomas William 8/1/1896 San Francisco SM30
Brem Mary 9/23/1892 AndrewHuesler-f DC4
Brero Paul 6/20/1918 Camp Fremont RC10
Breslin Rhoda John Breslin-h bn:CA Blgme4 5/9/1918
Brickley Mary ;A San Francisco Patrick Brickley-h SM21 9/17/1905
Brimmer Maud Manilla PI AL Brimmer-h SM24 9/15/1913
Brinkhurst Elsie Grace 11/26/1929 Redwood City George Brinkhurst-h SM15
Brinkhurst Geroge 4/24/1928 Redwood City SM15
Bristow Leonard T 12/1/1924 San Francisco Blgme16
Bristow William L 12/1/1924 San Francisco Leonard Temple Bristow-h Blgme16
Britschgi Marie J 7/29/1913 Santa Cruz CA John Britschgi-h RWC1
Brittain Sydney 7/23/1918 Redwood City Blgme16
Brndigam Gus 10/13/1890 St Louis MO RWC8
Brockhurst Alexander J 11/11/1915 OH DC14
Broderick Julia Mary San Francisco Thomas J Broderick-h Blgme7 11/1909
Broderick Robert Emmett 6/1918 Camp Lewis WA SM25
Broderick Thomas J 3/1908 New York NY Blgme;7
Broggi Rose A 8/29/1892 Redwood City Joseph Broggi-f MP2
Bromfield Davenport 8/1/1890 RedwoodCity Blgme20
Bromfield Mary 8/1/1890 Redwood City Davenport Bromfield-h Blgme20
Brooke Lewis 6/1/1899 San Francisco Raven2
Broska Charles MaX 3/26/1896 MD SM7
Brosky Julius 1/25/1919 2/27/1928 Camp Devens MA RWC6
Brouard August L 4/26/1921 Redwood City SM13
Brouard Leontine 4/26/1921 Redwood City August Brouard SM13
Brouchoud Joseph James 11/4/1927 Joseph F Brouchoud-f Blgme9
Brovelli Guido 7/16/1916 Redwood City SSF4
Brovelli Louis 7/16/1916 Redwood City Guido Brovelli-h SSF4
Brovelli Louisa 8/28/1917 Redwood City Virgilio Brovelli-h SSF2
Brown Alfred T 3/21/1918 Portland OR Blgme7
Brown Anne Hickey San Francisco Leslie N Brown Raven2 1/22/1913
Brown B. Margaret 6/1/1925 San Francisco Harold Lincoln Brown-h Blgme28
Brown George W 1917 San Diego Blgme11
Brown Harold Lincoln 2/2/1925 San Francisco Blgme22
Brown John W 9/24/1908 Redwood City Colma2
Brown JR 12/1927 San Francisco Blgme1
Brown Marshall W 1/14/1920 San Francisco Blgme3
Brown Rosalie M Oakland CA William Brown-h SM4 6/29/1893
Brown Selma San Diego CA John M Brown MP4 10/26/1916
Brown Sophie John Schnoor-f RC9
Brown Thomas J 4/1925 Redwood City SM27
Brown Walter George 3/5/1923 San Francisco Blgme21
Brugger John 12/6/1918 Forrest Co. MI LomitaP1
Brulez Adolph 10/12/1900 IL DC14
Brulez Emerense 10/12/1900 IL Adolph Brulez-h DC14
Brulez Leona San Francisco H DC6 1/18/1920
Brunner George E 12/26/1916 Redwood City SM4
Bruno Joseph 8/3/1886 Redwood City SM30
Bruno Katherine 8/3/1886 Redwood City Joseph Bruno-h Beres
Bruno Maria 7/26/1922 Redwood City Joseph Bruno-h EPA2
Bruns Ada Augusta Oakland George Andrew Bruns-h SM18 10/26/1910
Bruns Gerard 2/25/1914 San Francisco Blgme16
Brusa John 12/26/1916 Redwood City SSF11
Brusatori FAustino 7/1918 10/26/1927 San Diego Bel1
Bruse William G 6/4/1914 San Francisco RWC17
Bruzzon Mary 3/7/1927 San Francisco Paul Bruzzon-h SM4
Bryggman Emil William 1918 Camp Lewis WA SM1
Bryggman Wally San Francisco Emil William Bryggman-h SM1 8/21/1919
Bryngelson Augusta San Francisco John E Bryngelson-h RWC13 9/27/1905
Bryngelson John 10/19/1894 Chicago IL RC13
Bryngelson John E 10/19/1894 Chicago IL RWC13
Buch David Jens 7/17/1905 Tacoma WA RC16
Buch Poula K M Los Angeles David Jens Buch RC16 11/13/1916
Buchman Alfred E 7/14/1915 San Francisco August Buchman-f MP2
Buchmann August 7/14/1915 San Francisco MP2
Buchmann Victoria 7/14/1915 San Francisco August Buchmann-h MP2
Buffa Peter 11/1902 San Francisco RWC9
Buffa Tanina New Orleans Peter Buffa-h RWC9 11/13/1904
Bughi Angelo 2/23/1923 Camp Kearny SSF11
Bugler Jacob A 11/1927 Fresno CA RWC1
Bugnotto Peter Fioravanti 10/25/1900 Butte MT George Bugnotto-h SSF11
Bull Ella Marion San Francisco William Howell Bull-h SM20 7/4/1902
Bull Frank 9/28/1920 San Francisco Visit
Bulow Catherine 1/27/1897 New York Ernest Bulow-h Mill1
Bumbaca Michael Michael Bumbaca-f MP-O4
Bundsen Adolf E 10/1/1900 Chicago IL Raven1
Bundsen Sigrid J 10/1/1900 Chicago IL AE Bundsen-h Blgme16
Buriani Peter 7/14/1925 San Francisco DC5
Burkart Emma RedwoodCity Leo Burkart-h MP2 7/17/1917
Burke Catherine Menlo Park Bernard Burke-h MP1 1894
Burke Daniel Francis 7/21/1914 RedwoodCity SM8
Burke Ellen 7/1913 Redwood City Dan F. Burke SM8
Burke Ellen 12/10/1880 San Francisco Michael Burke-h Colma2
Burkett Augusta William Krecklan-f DC8
Burlingame Ivy F San Francisco Arthur A Burlingame-h nee Washington DC Blgme13 1/4/1916
Burnett Andrew 11/16/1922 San Francisco LomitaP2
Burnett Catherine Susan 3/2/1925 San Francisco LomitaP2
Burns Agnes 11/24/1925 Redwood City
Burns Anna San Francisco Robert G Burns SSF11 5/23/1916
Burns Mary O Lemuel D Owen-f RWC19
Burr Melaine San Francisco Albert Burr-h nee Eureka CA DC4 5/16/1906
Burridge David J F 11/27/1928 Redwood City Bel1
Burszan John 4/28/1925 Redwood City SM22
Burszan Raveca 8/6/1928 San Francisco John Burszan-h SM22
Burton Theodora D San Francisco Aaron E Burton-h SM19 10/10/1906
Bushweit CArl abt1884 Detroit MI DC4
Bushweit Gunhild San Francisco Carl Bushweit-h DC4 8/13/1921
Busse Freida 1/3/1927 San Francisco Blgme3
Butler Tina Chris Oswald-f DC7
Butow Frederick William Carl 9/1907 San Francisco SB5
Buttmann Claus 9/17/1901 Mariposa CA MP-O3
Byrne Charles 1/15/1914 Bakersfield CA Edward J Byrne-f DC1
Byrne Edward 1/15/1914 Bakersfield CA Edward J Byrne-f DC1
Byrne Hannah W 1/26/1922 Redwood City SM21
Byrne Mary Josephine 1/26/1922 Redwood City John Byrne-h SM21
Caddell Hugh 8/1923 Chicago IL MP-O4
Cadoul Eugenie Adrien 12/7/1916 San Francisco h Beres
Cadoul Jean Andrew 12/7/1916 San Francisco SM31
Caetano Virginia 4/28/1910 Redwood City h SB6
Cail EdwardE 2/2/1925 San Francisco Blgme14
Cain Philip 1915 San Francisco Visit
Caine Laura 7/12/1913 San Francisco Walter Caine-h Visit
Caine Walter 7/12/1913 San Francisco Visit
Cairns Charles 1/22/1897 Nevada Co. CA EPA1
Cairns James 1/22/1897 Nevada Co. CA Raven2
Cairns Katherine C 1/22/1897 Nevada Co CA Charles F Cairns-h EPPA1
Calcagno Giacomo 9/22/1922 San Francisco Colma 1
Caldwell James 1900 Redwood City SM5
Caldwell Jane Anne San Mateo James Caldwell-h SM5 11/14/1894
Callahan Richard E Richard Callahan-f SM31
Callan Bridgie Los Angeles Thomas Callan-h nee CA Colma3
Callan Patrick Michael Callan-f DC3
Callasen Frederick P 12/1912 RedwoodCity SM12
Cambiano Joseph F Antone Cambiano-f SM24
Camenzind Ida 10/1/1917 San Francisco Joseph Camenzind-h Colma3 9/4/1902
Camenzind Joseph 10/1/1917 San Francisco Colma3
Cameron Donald J 1923 New York SM24
Cameron Ellen Jane 1870 MN John H Murphey-f SSF1
Cameron John A 5/5/1902 Detroit MI EPA2
Cameson Alezander 9/2/1924 San Francisco DC14
Camozzi Alma O Frederick L Scroggins-f SM28
Camp Lottie John Galloway-f Robert B Camp-h SM1
Campbell Andrew J 10/18/1887 Brooklyn NY Blgme14
Campbell Daniel R 6/19/1921 Boston MA SM11
Campbell Dugald 8/15/1895 San Francisco Blgme7
Campbell Dugald San Francisco f Blgme8
Campbell Elizabeth San Francisco Dugald Campbell-h Blgme7 3/16/1898
Campbell Emmaretta L 6/19/1921 Boston MA Daniel R Campbell-h SM11
Campbell Isabella W 10/15/1883 Evanston WY SSF12
Campbell Janet 12/27/1921 RedwoodCity John Campbell-h SM15
Campbell Janet C 8/29/1911 Redwood City John A Campbell-h mar. Boston ma DC7 11/15/1896
Campbell John 12/27/1921 Redwood City SM15
Campbell John 4/13/1925 Philadelphia PA LomitaP2
Campbell John A 8/29/1911 Redwood City DC7
Campbell Robert P 2/12/1902 San Francisco SSF12
Canavese Vittorio 7/31/1929 RedwoodCity Portola
Candevan Jeanne San Francisco Eloi Candevan-h RWC16 11/20/1905
Canepa Pasquale 5/1904 San Francisco SM19
Caner Petronella San Francisco Edwrd Holtz Caner-h HMB2 1905
Cangelosi Catherine 7/9/1914 San Francisco Frank Cangelosi-h DC1
Cangelosi Frank 7/9/1914 San Francisco DC1
Cannon richard 8/20/1917 San Francisco Mill1
Canziani Angelo 3/4/1920 San Francisco SSF7
Canziani Enrico 6/19/1918 RedwoodCity SSF10
Canziani Luigi 11/29/1927 Redwood City SSF7
Canziani Mari San Francisco Enrico Canziani-h SSF 10 1/1/1921
Capote Theresa Redwood City Joseph Capote-h HMB1
Caralli Joseph 8/29/1911 Redwood City Lawn
Carboch Eugene 1/14/1916 Los Angeles SSF8
Carboni Guiseppe 5/1913 San Francisco DC13
Cardoza Jorge S 8/2/1890 San Francisco Pesc1
Cardoza Marion San Jose CA Joseph E Cardoza Pesc2 8/5/1922
Carl George 8/3/1925 San Francisco DC6
Carles Honore Romolo 7/11/1888 San Francisco Blgme 20
Carleson Hans F 1915 SantaCruz CA Pesc2
Carleton Arthur J 4/14/1896 Redwood City MP1
Carleton Kate 4/14/1896 REdwood City Arthur Carleton-h MP1
Carlin John L 8/12/1905 Mendocino Co. CA SM17
Carlmueller Viola San Francisco Eugene Carlmueller-h nee WI Denniston 7/18/1888
Carlos Manuel V 6/30/1906 Redwood City CM7
Carlsen Lorenz C 6/7/1920 San Francisco DC3
Carlson Carrie 10/18/1900 Denver CO Blgme23
Carlson Charles John 6/4/1920 San Francisco Blgme22
Carlson Conrad W 9/21/1914 San Francisco Blgme23
Carlson Elof A 10/15/1918 Camp Fremont Blgme4
Carlson John Walfred 4/14/1919 Baltimore MD SM29
Carlson Maria C 7/18/1914 San Francisco John EdwardCarlson-h SM12
Carlson Violet Esther 10/17/1925 SanMateo Albin Carlson-h SM30
Carmichael Robert Scott 6/1920 Boston MA Blgme6
Carnegie Georgeina 7/20/1900 San Francisco John Carnegie-h DC4
Carnegie John 7/20/1900 San Francisco DC$
Carquettini Angelo 6/5/1917 Menlo Park MP5
Carrere Anna Margrette Redwood City Louie John Batiste Carrere-h Granada 10/8/1912
Carrere Louie John Batiste 1897 Los Angeles Granada
Carrie Anna L 5/3/1926 San Francisco Andrew Carrigan-h SM12 4/6/1920
Carter Emily B San Jose CA Elmer Carter-h MP2 1905
Carter William A 1888 Fresno CA SM22
Cartwright Lizzie 5/18/1894 San Francisco Joseph Cartwright-h(dec) nat SF Blgme9 9/1/1906
Casagrande Antianetta 7/26/1922 REdwood City Francisco Casagrande-h SSF5
Casagrande Antonio 11/30/1926 Redwood City SSF2
Casagrande Francisco 7/25/1922 Redwood City SSF5
Casagrande Luigia 4/26/1927 REdwoodCity SSF2
Casagrande Martin 8/8/1918 Portland OR SSF3
Casanova Maria 5/6/1918 San Francisco Pietro Casanova-h (mar: Italy) Colma1 7/22/1910
Casanova Pietro 5/6/1918 San Francisco Colma1
Casaretto Joseph 12/27/1921 Redwood City RWC21
Casaretto Maria 9/16/1897 REdwood City G. Casserato RWC11
Casassa Domenik 5/11/1919 San Jose CA Ath1
Casazza Costantina 2/3/1930 San Francisco SM4
Casazza Gina 1/6/1930 SanFrancisco Costantino Cassazza SM4
Cascinai Mario 1929 ` Redwood City SM27
Casentini Guido 12/6/1917 Galveston TX Colma1
Casey Anne William B Casey-h SM6 11/25/1903
Casey Edward 12/27/1910 Redwood Ctiy SM28
Casey John A f SB2
Casey Mary Duffy San Francisco Edward E Casey-h SM28 9/25/1918
Cashman Mary F Jeremiah McCarthy-f RC15
Cassaretto Florence Redwood City John Casseretto RWC19 9/12/1922
Cassaretto John 4/26/1921 Redwood City RWC18
Cassinelli John 7/9/1918 Redwood City San Pedro
Castagno Frank 4/24/1923 `REdwoodCity SC2
Castello Michael J 3/2/1900 San Francisto Burl18
Casutt Casper Fidel 10/3/1908 Winona MN Blgme2
Casutt Johanna San Francisco Casper Fidel Casutt-h Blgme2 7/19/1911
Catchis George 1919 San Francisco SM21
Cattaneo Caroline 4/3/1929 Redwood City MP1
Catto John 7/1895 San Francisco CM15
Cattori Claudio 12/30/1913 San Mateo Co. Colma 1
Caubu Bert C. ( ) San Francisco William P Caubu-h Blgme7 6/6/1912
Caufield Earl A 11/16/1927 Blgme16
Causson Leontine 7/4/1904 San Mateo Co John Causson-h SM2
Cauzza Cesare 3/11/1905 Eureka CA SSF9
Cauzza Madalena 3/11/1905 Eureka Cesare Cauzza-h SSF9
Cavalli Charles A 10/1/1891 Redwood City Ben Cavalli-f HMB2
Cavalli Frank 10/1/1891 Redwood City Benjamin Cavalli-f LaHonda
Cavalli Louis Gotlaradi Cavalli-f SSF11
Cavalli Rosa 10/30/1893 REdwood City Bautista Cavalli-h RC4
Cavanagh Frank M 4/25/1922 Redwood City SM17
Cavanagh Thomas A 8/1913 San Francisco SM32
Cavanaugh Jennie E 1898 Boston MA Calvin C Cavanaugh-h SM22
Cavanaugh Mary 7/13/1925 San Francisco Blgme18
Cavanaugh Thomas F. 1911 11/21/1927 San Francisco Blgme18
Cavassa Harry Alexander 4/16/1910 Redwood City SSF5
Cawthron Bertha E 12/11/1911 San Francisco George Cawthron-h RWC10
Cawthron George 12/11/1911 SanFrancisco RCW10
Cawthron George 1/12/1912 San Francisco RWC10
Cazahoux Felix 1918 RedwoodCity Wdsd
Cazarre John Peter 4/24/1923 Redwood City Blgme6
Cazersa John 6/21/1918 Camp Fremont Colma1
Celler James Walter 8/1908 San Francisco
Celloni Desiree San Francisco JohnCelloni-h SM3 7/7/1920
Cernik Martin J. 8/1890 Canton OH MPO4
Cerquettini Joe 7/26/1927 RedwoodCity SSF5
Cerri Ambrosia 4/26/1927 RedwoodCity SSF2
Cerruti August 1/10/1912 Oakland CA SM12
Cerruti Luigi EM 7/26/1927 Redwood City SSF2
Chadwick Delia E Rockford IL Frank Chadwick-h Blgme33 1915
Chandler Adah San Francisco Archie L Chandler bn. Baltimore MD Blgme15 3/12/1912
Chandler Elizabeth South Dakota HA Chandler-h MP3 7/1902
Chanteloup Jacques 6/13/1906 Redwood City SM2
Chanteloup Marie 6/13/1906 Redwood City Jaacques Chanteloup-h SM2 10/29/1904SF
Chanteloup Remi 3/24/1902 Martinez CA SM2
Chanteloup Simon 8/8/1904 Oakland CA Blgme1
Chapman Christine Sterling CO h MP4 8/9/1911
Chapman Florence Esther SanFrancisco Adrian Rundle Chapman RC18 1921
Chapman Helen Oakland CA FC Chapman-h SC2 1906
Chapman Katie San Francisco Frank Chapman=h SM28 1890
Chapman Martha Seattle WA John A Teltz -h (Ira Chapman =2h) Blgme12 11/10/1898
Charpentier Edward L 8/30/1917 San Francisco Blgme22
Charpentier Isabelle 8/30/1917 San Francisco Edward L. Charpentier-h Blgme22
Charrot Hubert 9/15/1913 New Jersey Mill1
Charrot Pauline 9/15/1913 Newark NJ Hubert Charrot-h Mill1
Chaves Sylvia Hawaii AJ Chaves-f Blgme19
Cheeney Andrew P 9/25/1895 San Francisco DC4
Cheetham James Frederick 10/4/1899 San Francisco Blgme15
Cheetham Louise San Rafael CA James F. Cheetham-h Blgme15 4/18/1912
Chelone Matteo 6/29/1919 OH Colma2
Chesnut Fred A. 4/25/1922 Redwood City Blgme15
Chester Kate V SanFrancisco Walter Chester-h RWC8 6/23/1893
Chester Walter J 10/1896 San Francisco RWC8
Chesterman Albert Edward 11/8/1926 San Francisco DC3
Chesterman BellaD 2/1928 San Francisco DC3
Chestnut James 7/2/1928 San Francisco LomitaP2
Chevalier Teresa Oakland CA EdwardV. Chevalier-h Blgme18 9/12/1895
Chianelli Frank 6/14/1918 Chicago IL SB1
Chiccanelli Laura Donati 12/5/1907 San Francisco Selvio Donati-f DC16
Chichester Lilliam 3/3/1894 Multnomah Co, OR CA Robert-f Blgme7
Chichizola Josephine San Francisco Thomas Chichizola-h (dec) SM16 11/12/1906
Chiesa John P 9/20/1926 OR SM7
Chimenti Charles Natale chimenti-f DC1
Chiossi George Henry 1900 San Francisco Carlo Chiossi-f SM15
Chriesten Joseph 8/6/1904 San Francisco Colma1
Christen Celestin 4/2/1913 San Francisco Martin Christen DC2
Christen Martin 4/2/1913 SanFrancisco DC2
Christensen Carl Christian 1912 SanFrancisco Granada
Christensen Gyrithe Marie 5/16/1896 Reno NV George Christensen-h/ nat&mar same day MPO3 5/16/1896
Christensen Laura RedwoodCity Carl Christen Christensen-h Granada 12/6/1912
Christensen Louis C 9/24/1895 Fremont NE RWC18
Christensen Mathilda 7/23/1890 San Francisco Samuel Christensen RWC6
Christensen Samuel 7/23/1890 RedwoodCity RWC6
Christensen Tillie C 9/24/1895 Fremont NE Louis C Christensen-h RC18
Chron Emley 10/3/1900 San Francisco RWC15
Ciardelli Ginlio 1/8/1927 San Francisco SSF8
Clahane James 9/12/1911 San Francisco
Clark Albert Oscar 4/18/1921 San Francisco Granada
Clark Emma San Francisco John V. Clark-h SC2 9/9/1885
Clark Florence D Vancouver BC James Stewart Clark-h MPO3 4/3/1912
Clark George 12/28/1915 San Mateo Co SM31
Clark George G 12/28/1915 Redwoodcity Beres
Clark John 9/6/1906 Redwood City Blgme14
Clark Louis Joseph 4/26/1921 Redwood City Blgme21
Clark Margaret B 9/6/1906 Redwood City John Clark-h Blgme14
Clarkin Catherine Benicia,Solano CA PC Clarkin-h RWC11 8/10/1903
Claus Julia San Franbcisco William J Claus - h SM31 10/10/1898
Claus William J 9/11/1898 San Francisco SM31
Claussen John 7/2/1888 San Francisco Blgme17
Cleis Johanna Meta 4/25/1904 San Francisco Carl FrederickCleis-h Blgme5
Clements Eddie F 10/10/1922 San Diego CA SM7
Clements Ethel E 10/10/1922 San Diego CA Eddie F Clements-h SM7
Cleve Elizabeth San Francisco John Cleve-h DC3 2/1906
Cline Walter H 1906 Blgme10
Close Edna Maude 11/29/1927 RedwoodCity SM26
Clynch James 1912 Redwood City SM21
Coakley Andrew 9/1917 San Francisco SM27
Coakley Nora San Francisco Andrew Coakley-h SM27 6/22/1915
Cocconi Daniele 4/9/1924 Redwood City SM3
Cocconi Eugene Daniel Daniel Cocconi-f SM3
Cocconi Virgilio 11/29/1927 Redwood City SM7
Cochran Clemense Alameda Robert L Cochran DC12 12/22/1910
Cochran Henry David Henry David Cochran-f SM3
Cochran Marion San Francisco John Cochran-h Slbme 33 11/16/1882
Cochrane Elizabeth Thomas Cochrane-h DC4 10/9/1908
Cochrane Elizabeth Steven 2/7/1927 SanFrancisco LomitaP2
Cochrane Rachel 9/28/1900 Patterson NJ Samuel Cochrane-h LomitaP 2
Cochrane Samuel 9/28/1900 Patterson NJ LomitaP2
Cochrane Thomas Rae 10/1909 San Francisco DC4
Coen Ellen Mary 5/25/1927 Redwood City SM20
Coen Frank M 5/10/1915 San Francisco SC7
Coen Molly Pepper Berkeley CA Charles T Coen-h bn IL Blgme3 2/1/1922
Coldewe Ottilie Milwaukee WI Gustav Coldewe-h Ath3 5/1877
Cole Emily 11/16/1927 Fowler OH Henry Cole-h bn OH Blgme 17 12/22/1887
Cole Magdalene K San Francisco Allen Jay Cole-h Blgme21 6/12/1905
Coleman Ann 11/4/1927 Blgme7
Coleman Arthur V 11/16/1927 f Blgme16
Coleman Emily Louise Arthur Frederick Bowyer-f Visitacion
Coletta John 1883 RedwoodCity SM32
Collaton Robert M 1880/81 Buffalo NY MP1
Collaud Louis 8/5/1923 San Francisco Hill1
Collilns Caroline 2/21/1928 CA Charles H Collins Ath3 1921
Collins Annie 3/1/1920 SanFrancisco Frederick Thomas Collins-h LomitaP 1
Collins Frederick Thomas 3/1/1920 San Francisco LomitaP 1
Collins Margaret San Francisco James W Collins-h DC2 9/21/1921
Collins Mary San Francisco Daniel Collins-h SB7 3/25/1902
Collins Patrick 6/7/1926 San Francisco Mill1
Colliver Sarah Annie San Francisco Matthew Jeffry Colliver-h LomitaP 1 1/12/1909
Colloty Elsie 3/23/1914 San Francisco Terence Colloty-h DC6 6/6/1909
Colloty Terence 3/23/1914 San Francisco DC6 6/6/1909
Colombo Angelina 12/26/1911 Redwood City Giovanni (John) Colombo-h SSF7
Colombo Domenico 11/30/1926 Redwood City SSF2
Colombo Giacomo 12/18/1926 San Francisco SSF10
Colombo Giovanni 12/26/1911 Redwood City SSF7
Colyer Addie E SanFrancisco Robert Frank Colyer-h bn MO Blgme12 5/21/1904
Compagno Antony 2/8/1928 San Francisco DC6
Compagno John 1/4/1917 San Francisco DC5
Conci Faustina 7/30/1920 Redwood City Pietro Conci-h 7/2/1904SF
Conci Faustina San Francisco PietroConci-h Colma1 7/2/1905
Conci Pietro 7/30/1920 RedwoodCity
Condos George C 2/15/1917 San Francisco MPO2
Connelly Cominick 10/18/1880 New York City NY San Pedro
Conner Maisie Esther 1910 Portland OR Ralph Zusman-f Allen R Conner-h MP4
Connolly Caroline San Francisco John J Connolly-h SM2 10/17/1909
Conti Antonio 12/20/1910 San Francisco Colma2
Continolo Francesco 7/8/1919 San Francisco DC3
Continolo Vito Nick 1920 San Francisco SM8
Convery Frank 7/16/1896 Trenton NJ SSF6
Cook Eva Redwood City Lansa Cook=h RC19 4/3/1880
Cook James Stanley 7/31/1923 Redwood City RCO1
Cook Marianne 7/31/1924 Redwood City RCO1
Cook Marie H 11/4/1927 Milton M Cook-h Blgme9
Cook May San Francisco Orpin-f ; William Stanley Cook-h SB1 11/23/1910
Cook Olga 1890 MN Jacob Olsen-f DC3
Cooks FrankLouis OH SM16
Cooksley James 11/10/1920 Mobile AL Blgme31
Coombs Cecilia Portland OR Clarence Blair Coombs-h NPA 4/23/1918
Coombs Thomas W 1900 IL SM8
Copley Eva Manley Lawrence KS Almon W Copley-h bn KS Blgme21 5/2/1906
Corea Manuel 1880 San Francisco SM6
Corlett Edgar 12/9/1895 Los Angeles CA SB3
Corning Lillian MA David W Corning-h bn Eastport ME RC21 10/1/1889
Cornolo Jeana L 6/8/1923 Carlinville IL John cornolo-h Mill1
Cornolo John 6/8/1923 Carlinville IL Mill1
Corradetti Giovanni 11/26/1929 Redwood City SSF8
Corsa Giavanni 8/9/1917 San Francisco SSF5
Corsiglia Ernesto 7/29/1924 RedwoodCity Colma1
Corson Samuel King 5/15/1898 Columbus OH NPA
Cortesi Emilo 9/30/1920 San Francisco SSF12
Cortesi Massimiliano 5/19/1928 San Francisco SSF2
Cortesi Oliver 4/26/1927 Redwood City SSF2
Cortesi Palmarena 9/30/1920 San Francisco Emilo cortesi-h SSF12
Cortesi Rina 11/29/1927 Redwood City SSF2
Cortez Florence San Francisco James Cortez-h Blgme9 1921
Cortino Rocco 6/7/1918 Port Townsend WA DC5
Cortopasi Louis 10/23/1919 San Francisco Colma1
Cosgrave Patrick Henry 2/27/1904 Colorado Springs CO John Edward Cosgrave-f Blgme12 Germany
Cossmann Charles J 2/11/1913 Milwaukee WI MP5
Costa Antonio 6/3/1901 San Jose CA SC3
Costa Armando Louis Costa-f SM4
Costa Francis Jesink San Jose CA Manuel Jesink Costa-h Blgme2 6/15/1906
Costa Giovanni 9/13/1920 San Francisco Colma1
Costa Joseph 1895 Redwood City SM1
Costa Manuel Jesink 8/11/1905 Santa Clara County CA Blgme2
Costa Maria San Francisco Giovanni Costa-h Colma1 10/10/1920
Costa Mary 6/3/1901 San Jose CA Antonio Costa-h SC3
Costalee Henry 2/19/1925 San Francisco SB7
Coste Joe S 1915 San Francisco B1
Costello Della E about 1890 San Francisco Denis Farrell-f Blgme18
Costigan Jane 3/1925 Redwood City Hill1
Cotillon Grace 7/1919 San Francisco Ath2
Coturri SolomeR San Francisco Albert Coturri-h SB6 9/14/1901
Counter martha E San Jose CA Edward C Counter-h bn. CA Blgme 7 1/4/1908
Courtin Marguerite 9/24/1904 San Mateo Oscar Courtin-h SM3
Courtin Oscar @1906 REdwood City SM3
Cox James Harris 4/23/1923 San Francisco Blgme 23
Cox James J 11/9/1913 New Haven CT Blgme 13
Coxen Meta San Francisco Charles Coxen-h MP1 11/1891
Cozzolino Natalina 12/4/1919 San Francisco Salvatore Cozzolino-h Mill1
Cozzolino Salvatore 12/4/1919 San Francisco Mill1
Craig Archibald F McD. 9/27/1905 San Francisco SanPedro
Craig Archibald F. McD. 8/6/1900 San Francisco San Pedro
Craig Georgina 8/5/1902 Redwood City James Craig-h SM20
Craigmile Robert 6/1922 REdwood City SM20
Crawford Andrew W 1/3/1910 Troy NY SM10
Crawford Etly San Francisco Daniel H Crawford-h bn VA Blgme14 9/23/1901
Creaven Martin 8/1880 Redwood City SM4
Creedon Dennis 10/1910 San Francisco SM22
Creedon Teresa San Francisco Dennis Creedon-h SM30 9/27/1913
Creyssels Jules George 10/5/1925 SanFrancisco DC1
Crichton Frances L 12/28/1917 Redwood City James D Crichton-h (dec) SM15
Crichton James D 12/28/1917 Redwood City James D Crichton-f SM15
Crist Mary Lucille Santa Rosa CA Franklin R Crist-h SB3 10/10/1910
Croal George J 10/24/1927 Chicago IL Ath1
Crombie Alvah M Redwood City Edward Crombie-f Bel1
Cross George 10/9/1890 Warren County PA Bel1
Crowley John P 12/30/1907 San Francisco Colma2
Crowley Margaret M San Francisco John Crowley-h Colma2 9/8/1909
Crowley Thomas J Fall 1894 San Francisco SM10
Crull Mary J 1900 San Jose CA Frank Crull-h SM6
Cucagna Rudolph P 8/1915 San Francisco SM4
Cullen Frank J 1894 Eureka, Humboldt CA RCO3
Cummings Nora M 9/26/1911 Fresno CA Arthur H Cummings-h DC13
Cummings William Edward Cummings-f SM32
Cunha John 1890 REdwood City SM2
Cunha Manuel Antone 8/28/1889 Redwood City HMB1
Cunha Mary E San Jose CA Manuel JE HMB2 1918
Cunningham Eugene 10/15/1898 MA Mill1
Cunningham John R Patrick J Cunningham-f DC14
Curley Patrick 8/24/1910 San Francisco DC10
Curotto Giovanni 11/13/1926 San Francisco Mill1
Currie Margaret 1908 San Francisco James Currie-h Blgme5
Curry James Garfield 9/15/1902 Redwood City SM29
Curry Margaret L 4/28/1887 MN John Curry-h RC14 4/27/1882
Curti James 12/28/1915 Redwood City SSF10
Curti Marie 12/28/1915 Redwood City James Curti-h SSF10
Curtis William 7/12/1892 San Francisco RC1
Cussen Christopher 7/25/1896 Redwood City RC18
Cuthbert Joseph C 8/5/1896 San Francisco Blgme 12
Cuthbertson Evelyn 6/10/1920 San Francisco Frank Cuthbertson-h Blgme28
Cuthbertson Frank G 6/10/1920 San Francisco Blgme21
Cutting Dorothy L San Francisco Thomas W. Cutting-h RC16 3/4/1922
Da Prato Narciso 7/31/1928 Redwood City SSF2
Da Prato Person 7/31/1928 Redwood City Narciso Da Prato-f SSF2
Daba Marco 4/27/1915 Redwood City SM3
Dabo Josephine 4/27/1915 Redwood City Marco Dabo-h SM3
Daglio Luigi 7/16/1919 San Francisco Colma3
Dake Louise A MN Charles W Dake-h SM1 5/12/1914
Dal Colletto Basilio Redwood City San Pedro
Dal Colletto John L 11/30/1926 Redwood City San Pedro
Daldon Caterina 2/14/1913 San Francisco Cesare Daldon-h Mill1
Daldon Cesare 2/14/1913 San Francisco Mill1
Dalton Alfred 10/25/1927 Bel1
Dalton John 8/9/1894 San Francisco DC7
Dalton Michael 11/1906 Redwood City MP1
Dalve Annie Menlo Park CA Lars Dalve-h RC4 7/19/1891
Daly Ella 9/29/1908 San Mateo County John D Daly SM4
Daly Ella San Francisco Michael Francis Daly-h bn CA Blgme3 6/25/1904
Daly Esther 8/1926 San Francisco Hill1
Daly John 3/29/1907 San Francisco SM4
Daly John D. 8/1/1898 Redwood City SM4
Daly John M. 12/27/1915 Redwood City Ath4
Daly Margaret San Francisco Michael Daly-h SM6 4/12/1904
Dalziel Alexander 1/25/1904 San Jose CA Blgme3
Dalziel James Bethune 1/25/1904 San Jose CA Alezander Dalziel-f SM8
Dalziel Jessie Kersell Canada Clarence D Dalziel-h bn-CA Blgme 3 5/20/1895
Damon Julia 7/31/1896 San Francisco Henry William Damon-h Lomita P1
Dancak Joseph 9/19/1892 San Francisco SSF4
Dancak Sophie San Francisco John Dancak-h SSF4 6/29/1916
Daneri David 12/1916 Redwood City RCO3
Daneri Della 12/1916 Redwood City David Daneri-h RCO3
Daneri Emma Colma CA Emiel Daneri SSF& 12/7/1908
Daniels John John Daniels-f SM3
Daniels Manuel C John Daniels-f SM6
Danielson Matilda Spencer IA Gus Danielson-h RC18 1/4/1882
Danman Fred 3/2/1898 Salinas CA Ath1
Danman Mary 3/2/1898 Salinas CA Fred Danman-h Ath1
Danmann Ernest H 8/2/1880 San Francisco San Pedro
D'Antone Victor 4/2/1903 Chicago IL Salvator D'Antoni-f
D'Antoni Victor 1903 Chicago IL Salvatore D'Antoni-f MPO3
Darby Mary San Jose CA Cornelius Darby-h SM14 4/10/1901
Darracq Pierre 9/7/1916 San Francisco MP1
Daseking Henry 7/28/1896 San Francisco Ath1
DaSilva Manuel Correa 8/6/1912 Redwood City SB6
Data Joe 1910 UT SM3
Davey Bridget 10/12/1880 San Francisco h SM5
Davidson Alma 9/8/1900 Butte MT August Davidson-h Blgme5 6/7/1907SF
Davidson Hugh 10/20/1894 Chicago IL SM23
Davidson John August 9/8/1900 Butte MT Blgme 5
Davidson Mary Josephine 8/1/1896 AlexanderL Davidson-h Blgme7
Davidson Percy E 5/4/1887 San Diego CA George A Davidson-f MPO1
Davis George James 12/28/1920 RedwoodCity Mill1
Davis Ida A 12/28/1920 RedwoodCity Georg James Davis-h Mill1
Davis John Emanuel 1928 San Francisco SM26
Davis Mary 11/16/1927 Ralph E Davis-h Blgme17
Davis Mary K 5/3/1926 San Francisco SC3
Davis Samuel R 10/1913 San Francisco Blgme5
Dawsett James V K 10/3/1921 San Francisco Blgme 10
Dawson Norenne Doee Theodon Borwhard-f Blgme29
Dayen John B 12/27/1921 Redwood City SSF2
De Amicis John 1912 San Francisco SM28
De Maestri Giacomo F 4/8/1914 San Francisco Blgme 1
De Ream Alphone 6/20/1910 San Francisco DC13
Deasy Bridget 11/10/1924 San Francisco Hills2
DeBoer Mike 12/31/1912 Redwood City Portola
Decia May SanFrancisco Louis Decia-h RC11 1917
Dedekam Carsten F 1/10/1921 San Francisco Blgme 7
Deelatour Stella Frances San Francisco Louis A Delatour-H bn. CA DC3 10/9/1912
Deeney Martha Elizabeth San Francisco William Deeney-h RC19 7/1872
Deering Dorothy B Tacoma WA Prentiss C Deering-h bn-CA Blgme7 12/15/1917
Deeyvis AH 4/16/1925 San Francisco Blgme2
DeFrees Lillian Elkhart IN f - h:bn-US 11/19/1902
DeJonjg John 6/7/1929 San Francisco Blgme31
Del Papa Oreste 5/1923 Nassau Co NY RC18
Delabriandais Joseph 9/29/1910 Oakland,Alameda CA SC2
Delabriandais Regina SanFrancisco Joseph Delabriandais-h SC2 7/9/1921
Delamare Raoul 9/15/1920 Camp Meade MD Blgme2
Delbono Angelo 4/1925 Redwood City RCO3
Delehanty Katherine N San Francisco William P Delehanty-H bn. CA Blgme 10 11/15/1911
Delemos Isabelle 5/10/1910 Redwood City Manuel Delemos-H SSF2
D'Elia Luigi 2/1/1926 San Francisco DC5
Delinatoni Jeanette M 4/24/1928 Redwood City RC5
DellaMaggiora Maria 12/1913 Redwood City Sebastian Della Maggiora-H SB5
Deller Phillipp 7/29/1902 San Francisco Colma3
DeLong Doris Fred Knott-F; Stuart A DeLong-H SM16
Delsue Emily 10/25/1905 San Francisco Henri Delsue-H Blgme5
Delsue Henri 10/25/1905 San Francisco Blgme5
DeMaestri Marie 4/8/1914 San Francisco Giacomo Fredo DeMaestri Blgme1
DeMartini Victor 1900 Sonoma County CA SM27
Dematteris Frank 4/27/1915 Redwood City RC4
DeMiddeler Fernande 12/29/1914 Redwood City Eugene DeMiddeler Blgme6
Demma Ben 3/10/1913 Louisiana RC5
Demma Caterina 3/10/1913 Louisianna Ben Demma-H RC5
Dempsey Thomas 9/12/1927 San Francisco SM26
DeNardi Giuseppe 11/28/1902 Colorado Osvoldo DeNardi-F SSF6
DeNardi Louis (f) San Francisco Giuseppe DeNardi-H SSF6 8/21/1921
DeNardi Vincenzo 1918 San Francisco SM8
Denechand J Francois New York -F Blgme 11
Denevi Pietro 4/30/1929 Redwood City SSF1
Dennehy Patrick 10/20/1894 San Francisco SSF12
Denning Harold E 4/28/1925 Redwood City DC4
Dennis Adele 7/29/1902 San Francisco/ M-San Jose John H. Dennis-H Colma 1 9/26/1905
Dennis John Harry 7/29/1902 San Francisco Colma 1
Dentraygues Ida 4/28/1925 Redwood City Blgme12
Dentraygues Leon 4/29/1924 Redwood City Blgme12
DePas Anita Emilia Sivert Johnson-F Blgme20
Deppe Caroline A 5/10/1882 Stockton CA Herman Schroder-F DC4 8/6/1926 SF
Deragisch Agatha K Monterey CA Herman J Deragisch-H bn-MN Blgme 7 11/10/1921
DeReam Louis (f) 6/20/1910 San Francisco Alphone DeReam-H DC13
Derham Elizabeth CA Terence Derham SM12 1876
Derham Terence 1874 San Francisco SM12
Derrann Albertine 6/1928 Redwood City note: Julius Derrnan-H check spelling SM5
Derruau Jules 1928 Redwood City SM5
Derungs John J 8/12/1918 Honolulu DC15
DesJardins Emile Luke 9/1896 Denver CO Blgme2
Desmond John Joseph 8/1911 San Mateo County SM23
Desmond Susan 8/1911 Redwood City John Joseph Desmond-H SM23
Dessuau Marie 1914 Redwood City Elu Dessuau SM2
deStoop George (Rev.) 5/13/1912 Pocatello ID Blgme9
DeTomasi Antomeffa 1/22/1919 Camp Kearny Antonio DeTomasi-H SSF7
DeTomasi Antoni 1/22/1919 Camp Kearny SSF7
Dettbarn Otto 8/12/1901 San Francisco SB7
Deutsch Amalia Maria San Francisco George Fritz Deutsch LomitaP2 1/6/1906
Deutsch Fred 7/2/1898 Holdaysberg PA Mill1
Deutsch George Fritz 9/14/1900 San Francisco LomitaP2
DeVincenzi Antonio 11/1911 San Francisco SM5
DeVincenzi Antonio 6/19/1914 San Francisco SM5
Devincenzi Dominica 11/1911 San Francisco Antonio Devincenzi-H SM5
DeVincenzi Louis M 8/7/1900 San Francisco John Giovanni DeVincenzi-F DC7
Devlin Augusta C 6/1/1914 RedwoodCity Thomas F Devlin DC13
Devlin Peter 1870's? San Jose Bel2
Devlin Thomas F 6/1/1914 Redwood City DC13
DeVries Henry J 10/1896 Beaver Falls MN Blgme8
DeYoung Harry 10/1896 Pokahontis County IA SCO
DeYoung Sadie Chester Dexter-F; Harry DeYoung-H SCO
DeZan Luigi 8/6/1928 San Francisco SM7
Dezell Lillian May Calgary Canada Ellsworth Davis Dezell-H SSF9 9/15/1920
DeZordo Victor Battista DeZordo SSF1
DeZords August 4/26/1927 Redwood City SSF4
Dhuyvetter Irma 10/2/1918 Detroit MI-circuit ct. h DC4
Dhuyvetter Maurice 10/2/1918 Detroit MI f DC4
Dhyuyvetter Raymond 10/2/1918 Detroit MI-circuit court DC4
Diamento Lorenzo 4/25/1920 Redwood City Colma2
Dianda Dante 2/1900 Redwood City Granada
Dianda Silvia Threasa San Francisco Dante Dianda-H Granada 10/30/1900
Dias Francisco 11/23/1914 Boston MA MP3
Dias Mary A 4/28/1925 Redwood City Pescadero2
Dibelka Frank 9/1921 Blgme16
Dick Harry 8/1904 Redwood City MP3
Dickmann Charls H 8/15/1894 San Francisco SC2
Dickson Sarah Barr 10/18/1889 Boston MA -H SB2
Diedrichsen Broder Conrad 7/21/1914 Redwood City RC1
Diedrichsen Emma Brodien 7/21/1914 Redwood City BC Diedrichsen-H RC1
Diehl William H 10/25/1892 Detroit MI Henry Diehl-F Blgme7
Diekelmann William 1888 Eureka CA or San Francisco Gustave Diekelman-F;CharlesStubenrauchSF Blgme21
Dietrich Henry Emile 12/1926 San Francisco Visitacion
Dignam Lucy 2/4/1926 SanFrancisco Sylvester Dignam-H SM14
Dignam Sylvester 3/18/1924 SanFrancisco SM14
Dignon Agnes Chino CA Vernon E dignon-H Raven2 7/1/1915
DiGrazia Guiseppe 7/21/1914 Redwood City HMB2
DiGregorio Frances San Francisco Salvotore DiGregorio RC5 1/10/1922
DiGregorio Salvatore 7/15/1927 Redwood City RC5
Diller Joseph New York Dadid Diller-F MPO4
Dilles Julia 7/26/1922 Redwood City John Dilles-H SSF5
Dilly Carrie Los Angeles Alfred L Dilly-H Blgme13 5/26/1899
Dimare Alfio 5/13/1925 Omaha NE SM7
Dineen Mary 3/29/1892 San Francisco John Dineen DC13
Dingwell William H 1884 Chicago IL SM3
Dini Parisse 7/31/1928 Redwood City SSF2
Dink Herrman Adolf 11/30/1926 Redwood City DC11
Dinkel Bertha New York Robert Dinkel-H SSF1 1/9/1912
Dinning Mary Edna 7/10/1911 Sacramento CA WH Dinning-H SSF1
Dinning William Henry 7/11/1910 San Francisco note: descrepancy with wife's card SSF1
Dinwoodie Katherine 10/22/1922 SanFrancisco Alton AC Dinwoodie RC12
Dioze Maurice 9/7/1916 San Francisco MP3
Dirr Fritz 7/7/1911 Colfax WA Blgme16
Dirr Lucy 7/7/1911 Colfax WA - M:NY Fritz Dirr Blgme16 1/18/1903
Dittman Margaret H San Francisco -H Blgme18 6/22/1889
Dixon Nellie C San Francisco Thomas H Dixon-H SB8 1914
Dodd Edward 1864 Syracuse NY John Thomas Dodd-F MP4
Dodd Henry 12/31/1912 REdwood City Blgme23
Dodd Winifred Edith San Francisco Robert W Dodd-H bn:CA Blgme7 6/28/1905
Dodson Elizabeth Henry Dodson-F SM2
Doe Mary Dorothy Wesley Duncan Doe-H SM19
Doering Elizabeth San Francisco George Doering-H DC3 1/19/1892
Doering Pauline A 1919 Redwood City Blgme11
Doherty James 4/20/1888 San Francisco Blgme3
Domby John 12/1921 Redwood City EPA1
Domby Julia 10/1921 Redwood City John Domby-H EPA1
Domecus Leon 8/30/1917 San Francisco Colma2
Donati August 11/7/1928 San Francisco DC16
Donati George 12/5/1927 San Francisco Silvio Donati-F DC16
Donati Jiulio 11/26/1929 Redwood city SSF12
Donnelly Mary 11/24/1925 Redwood City Bel1
Donnelly Nora 11/24/1925 RedwoodCity Bel1
Donnelly Sarah 11/24/1925 Redwood City Bel1
Donohoe James J 3/10/1914 San Francisco DC3
Donovan Mary San Rafael Daniel F Donovan-F bn:WI DC2 4/1912
Donovan Michael 1892 Mountain Home ID RC5
Doobie Isabell 10/17/1884 Chicago IL James Doobie Blgme9
Doobie Mary W 10/17/1884 Chicago IL James Doobie-F Blgme9
Dooley Rosemary Toronto CAN John F Dooley-H SSF1 9/16/1916
Doolittle Emilie Catherine Hundevadt 7/31/1928 Redwood City RC15
Doose Bernhard 4/30/1929 Redwood City RC10
Doran Margaret Blgme17
Dornbach Gladys A Montclair NY William Edward Dornbach-H SM9 5/2/1914
Dorris Thomas P 1887 San Francisco Denniston
Doskoris Alix 7/30/1920 Redwood City DC6
Dotur Matt 8/24/1918 Camp Taylor KY SSF10
Doucet Rose Camden NJ Louis Doucet-H SM30 5/27/1905
Dougherty Julio V Joseph A Dougherty-F Blgme7
Douglas Andrew 4/30/1912 REdwood City Blgme 5
Douglas Victoria Daniel Adams-F bn while parents travell Ath1
Douglass Emily M San Francisco Thomas A Douglas Blgme24 11/6/1909
Douglos Joseph Mitchel 1881 PA SM2
Dove Michael 3/1891 Albany NY RC3
Dovichi Martin 10/20/1900 Chicago IL SSF2
Dow Russell B 4/1916 Chicago IL LomitaP2
Dowdell Christine Edwards Oakland CA Frank Edwin Dowdell-H Visitacion 11/24/1913
Dower Daniel M 8/21/1871 Nevada City CA John Dower-F Blgme 12
Dowling Richard H 6/5/1915 St.Louis MO Blgme19
Downey Rose San Francisco William Downey-H Blgme2 7/21/1917
Downs Amy Elizabeth CA Henry M Downs-H SM4 6/12/1904
Doyle John Joseph 12/23/1909 Redwood City MP1
Drain Daniel 6/20/1890 San Francisco LomitaP1
Drescher Julia 12/27/1921 Redwood City Nicklo Drescher-H SB5
Drescher Niklo 12/27/1921 Redwood City SB5
Dress Katherine P 6/12/1918 Ft. Lewis WA Panaqeoteos A Dress-H SSF10
Dress Panaqeoteos A 6/12/1918 Camp Lewis WA SSF10
Drew Kate SanFrancisco GlennR Drew-H Raven1 2/2/1910 Ireland
Duane Michael 3/9/1892 San Francisco Blgme 7 Portugal
Duarte Manuel 4/25/1922 Redwood City RC5 Italy
Duboisi Silio 10/24/1928 Redwood City SSF4 England
Duchmann Nora Mary Buffalo, NY -H Blgme 30 2/11/1915 England
Duckenfield Ellen E 7/14/1916 Brooklyn NY Horace Duckenfield-H Bel1 England
Duckenfield Horace 7/14/1916 Brooklyn NY Bel1 Ireland
Dudley Elizabeth San Francisco Michael Dudley-H DC4 7/1920 Australia
Dudley Eunice Janet Thomas Dudley-F SB8 Great Britain
Dudley Michael 8/2/1915 Butte, MT DC4 Scotland
Dudley Thomas 12/10/1910 San Francisco SB8 Germany
Duerner James Carl 1/1899 Fort Dodge IA William Duerner-F DC2 England
Duffy Anna 5/13/1896 Los Angeles -F Blgme 10 Ireland
Duffy Eugene F John J Duffy-F DC14 British Colombia
Duffy Gertrude San Francisco John Duffy-H SM21 10/25/1900 Ireland
Duffy Mary Katherine Reno NV George Duffy-H SM23 2/11/1902 Canada
Duffy Robert Oscar 8/5/1929 San Francisco DC2 Germany
Duke Carl Otto 10/1912 Chicago IL Ath1 Germany
Dummatzen Anna Marie 7/18/1912 San Francisco JPE Gustav Dummatzen-H Beresford 8/7/1909 SF Germany
Dummatzen JPE Gustav 7/18/1912 San Francisco Beresford Scotland
Duncan Dalrymple W 5/9/1916 Redwood City SSF1 Ontario
Duncan James Herbert 3/26/1913 Oakland CA SM15 England
Duncan Samuel 12/7/1891 Chicago IL SB1 England
Dunlop Victor Richard 8/29/1929 San Francisco SSF1 Canada
Dunn Emily D 2/19/1918 San Diego/ m. Pt Loma CA Hubert Arthur Dunn-H Blgme7 12/11/1917 England
Dunn Hubert Arthur 2/19/1918 San Diego CA Blgme7 England
Dunsmore Thomas 4/24/1928 Redwood City Hills2 England
Dunstan Esther 4/13/1909 Reno NV Richard Dunstan-H DC15 England
Dunstan Richard 4/13/1909 Reno NV DC15 France
Durand Joseph 12/27/1921 Redwood City France
Durand Marie 12/27/1921 Redwood City Joseph Durand-H England
Durant Annie F 1/7/1918 San Francisco Felix Durant-H Blgme 17 England
Durant Felix 1/7/1918 San Francisco Blgme 17 Canada
Durant Mary 1898 Boston MA Henry Durant-H SM7 Germany
Durenberger Eva San Francisco Jacob Durenberger-H Colma 3 8/6/1898 Switzerland
Durenberger Jacob 8/27/1892 San Joaquin County CA Colma1 Germany
Durr Otto Ohio Henry Schneider-SF LomitaP2 Scotland
Duthie Charles 12/26/1911 Redwood City SM23 Scotland
Duthie Jessie C 12/26/1911 Redwood City Charles Duthie-H SM23 Azores Islands
Dutra Manoel Sabine 9/20/1887 Boston MA Mill2 Ireland
Dutra Margaret P Redwood City Antone Phillips Dutra-H HMB2 1921 Dalmatia
Duzanica John Nickolas 8/26/1917 Redwood City Portola Denmark
Eakin Georgia IL JH Eakin-H SM17 1902 Canada
Earl Christina San Jose CA Sumner F Earl SM19 11/24/1886 Germany
Ebbecke Anna San Francisco Carl Ebbecke-H LomitaP1 11/26/1896 Germany
Eberhard Carl 9/5/1890 Oakland CA SM16 Ireland
Eccleston Louise Haycroft Napa CA James Y Eccleston-H bn:US Bel1 1917/18 Sweden
Eckman John 2/20/1900 Omaha NE Blgme3 Germany
Eder Carl A San Francisco Joe Eder-F RC6 Germany
Eder Herman Paul 1916 Joseph Eder-F Blgme20 Hungary
Edinger Ignatius 1900 NY Blgme 1 Canada
Edmonds Benjamin O Horace A Edmonds-F DC2 Sweden
Edson Sigrid Marie New York OV Edson-H SM16 12/9/1913 Australia
Efford Teresa Agnes Cilft Noah Efford-H SB2 7/31/1902 Ireland
Egan Bessie M 4/30/1918 Redwood City Michael M Egan-H SM8 Ireland
Egan Michael 4/30/1918 Redwood City SM8 Canada
Egeberg Laura H Edward L Egeberg-H Raven1 4/15/1909 Italy
Egli John 11/1895 Redwood City SM3 Alsae Lorain
Egli Marie 11/1895 Redwood City John Egli-H SM3 Czechoslovakia
Ehrlich Charles 12/26/1911 Redwood City Ath1
Eicker Carl F 7/1900 New Jersey SM27
Eilles John E 7/26/1922 Redwood City SSF5
Eitner Margaret San Francisco Arthur A Eitner-H RCO3 2/25/1915
Ekholm Anna 4/1928 Redwood City MP1
Eklund Gustaf 10/24/1917 San Francisco DC1
Eldred Emilie Rosine St. Helena, Napa, CA William Eldred Blgme10 2/12/1907
Eldred William 7/21/1896 San Francisco Blgme10
Eldrup Agatha San Francisco Severin Eldrup DC3 2/28/1909
Eldrup Severin 1/30/1902 San Francisco DC3/5
Elfving Carl Wilhelm 5/25/1894 San Francisco Hills1
Elfving Emerick John 3/19/1900 San Francisco Blgme12
Elliot John 5/10/1872 Toledo OH Blgme 21
Elliot Teresa Sacramento CA George Elliott-H Bel1 4/12/1889
Elliott Eva San Francisco Alburn R Elliott-H bn:US Blgme24 4/29/1911
Elmers Henry 12/8/1897 San Francisco DC14
Elmers Margaret C 12/8/1897 San Francisco Henry Elmers-H DC14
Elmes Alfred J 6/13/1889 Redwood City Henry Elmes-F Bel1
Elsasser Elise 2/27/1899 New York City Herman Elsasser Blgme 28
Elsasser Herman 2/27/1899 New York City Blgme28
Elvidge George H 1914 10/24/1927 Portland ? England
Emmett Walter A 8/2/1877 Redwood City Bel1 South Africa
Empey Anna W San Francisco Lester Empey-H SB3 10/14/1907
Enderlin Ernest 7/1/1902 San Francisco SSF2
Engel August 12/1/1913 San Francisco LomitaP1
Engel Martha 12/1/1913 San Francisco August Engel-H Lomita P1
England Ada E 9/14/1922 San Francisco Fred Walker England-H DC2
England Fred W 9/22/1922 San Francisco c#1097207 DC2
English Annie F Boston MA Cornelius Sullivan-F Mill1
English Emily E Redwood City George English-H DC2 11/11/1912
English George 7/17/1901 New York City DC2
English Lillie Fresno CA Ralph English-H Blgme22 4/16/1920
Enos John Brazil 1893 Providence RI Pescadero2
Enquist Edward H 1885 IL John A Enquist-F SM11
Ensch Adam John Ensch-F SM28
Ensch Agnes San Rafael Adam Ensch-H SM28 6/19/1913
Epidendio Francis M San Francisco Valente Epidendio-H Colma2 11/8/1919
Epidendio Valente 7/21/1918 Camp Louis WA Colma2
Erickson John W 6/12/1913 San Francisco Antone Erickson-F RCO4
Erikson Gustaf 11/7/1912 San Francisco RC20
Ertle Elisabeth A William Lynch-H(dec) RCO3
Escheeback Mary E Peter McDonald-F SSF1
Escobar Joseph F 11/25/1924 Redwood City Blgme11
Esh Henry 10/25/1927 Washington DC Ath1
Eskilson Chris 11/14/1897 St. Paul MN SM4
Esser William HC 6/28/1920 San Francisco SM9
Estacaille Jack 8/6/1894 Redwood City Ath3
Estacaillo Jacques 8/6/1894 Redwood City Ath1
Ester Mary MT Charles Ester-H SB3 12/24/1912
Etiopi Erneste 11/26/1929 Redwood City RCO3
Eustice Elizabeth R. San Francisco William R. Eustice-H SM8 3/9/1918
Evanosian Armen M. 8/1899 Boston MA SM3
Evans Anna Lena Belvedere IL Frank E Evans-H SSF7 9/28/1903
Evans William 11/13/1913 San Francisco Blgme10
Evensen Andrew M 7/1/1902 San Francisco DC8
Evers Herman 10/31/1927 New York left US Blgme1
Evers Karen 10/31/1927 Herman Evers-H //left USA Blgme1
Evers Margaret F 11/16/1927 Blgme16
Ewen Andrew 9/11/1912 San Francisco CA Blgme5
Ewen Kate 9/11/1912 San Francisco Andrew Ewen-H Blgme5 11/5/1910
Eyre Suzanne 11/10/1924 San Francisco Cable Act - Edward E Eyre-H Ath1

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