San Mateo County
Sheriff's Office Booking Registers
Index for Volumes 7 and 8 covering the years 1924 to 1931
by the
San Mateo County Genealogical Society (SMCGS)
(September 2006)

San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Booking Registers
Index by Jo Rebuck, Barry Goyette, Michelle McLaughlin, Edited by Cath Trindle

"Known volumes cover the years 1924 thru 1953. Unfortunately volumes 1-6 were not located, although they are listed in the WPA guide to San Mateo County Records. It is our hope that they will turn up at some later date, but it is possible they were pulped during World War II. Also missing is Volume 13 which would have covered the years 1941-1944.

"This index includes over 12,000 entries from volumes 7 and 8 covering the years 1924 to 1931.

"It was not uncommon for homeless residents to lodge in the jail. You can find not only the aged and disabled who had no means of support, but also those traveling into the county to find work. Often, time of residence within the county is listed as one day.

"The records give a wealth of information. Besides the surname, given name and alias you will find the day of incarceration, occupation, age, height, weight, time in county, state and U, where picked up, by whom, the justice, the code under which the person was picked up, hour of arrest, hour of release, number of meals served, sentence, date of commitment, date of discharge, fines paid and a column for further remarks.

"By agreement with the sheriff the society is only posting a portion of the index, using the same criterion as release of the census. A complete index to volumes 7-16 is available in the SMCGS library only. The register copies are also located in the SMCGS library and may only be extracted on a per record basis and not photocopied. Forms will be available to use for the extractions in the same file drawers as the registers."

If you are unable to visit the SMCGS library, the society will do research for $12 an hour with a one hour minimum. If you find a name in the online index, the society will provide you with a complete transcription for $3 for the first transcription and 50 cents for each additional transcription."

óCath Trindle

[Info] This is an index of the Sheriff's Office Booking Registers, Index for Volumes 7 and 8,
and it been published here by permission of SMCGS.
For a fee, you can request a copy of the original record from them.

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