San Mateo County History

Tales of the San Francisco Peninsula
Theron G. Cady
A series of articles first published in 'Peninsula Life Magazine'
Published by C-T Publishers, San Carlos, California, 1948

Something About the Author

        Theron G. Cady, author of "Tales of the San Francisco Peninsula," is a "Hoosier" by birth.  He was born fifty-one years ago in a log cabin on the banks of the Wabash River in Indiana.  After serving with the Marines during World War I he came to California in 1919 and settled in Los Altos.  Here he began his journalistic career by serving on the staff of several Peninsula newspapers and writing for national publications.  As Associate Editor of "Peninsula Life Magazine" he has presented many colorful stories of people and places on San Francisco Peninsula.

        For the past several years my friends have felt that my stories and articles of the San Francisco Peninsula should be put into book form.  They wanted them collected and bound under one cover and published under one name.  In acceding to their wishes I have gathered and arranged the stories and articles in a series of which this is the first.  I hope it meets the expectations of my friends for in these stories I have embodied many of their own ideas.
The Author

Without her cooperation this little book
might never have been published.

© 1948 Theron G. Cady. All rights reserved.
Posted here with permission of his granddaughter, Andrea Van Norman.
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