San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 355A, Second Township, Post Office San Mateo
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
119 109 DOZE James 35 m w Carpenter Canada
      Catherine 24  Keeps House Canada
      Mary  w At Home  Cal 
      William 1 m w At Home Cal
      Anna 2/12ths f w At Home Cal
    MILLS Mary 63 f w At Home Ireland
DOZE M[????] 27 m w Carpenter Canada
    WISNOM Robert 25 m w Carpenter Ireland 
    DESMOND Thomas 31 m w Carriage Maker Ireland
120 110 OLT William C. 32 m w Shoe Maker U.S.
      Barbara 34 f w Keeps House Bavaria
      William C. 10 m w At Home N.J.
      Henry E. 8 m w At Home N.J.
      Gertrude 6 f w At Home N.J.
    BROWN William H. 23 m w Shoe Maker Prussia
121 111 PRICE William F. 32 m w Butcher KY
      Elizabeth 29 f w Keeps House Me
      William A. 3 m w At Home Cal
    JENNINGS Ella 18 f w At Home Me 
123 112 BRANEGAN Patrick 48 m w Day Laborer Ireland 
      Mary 48 f w Keeps House Ireland 
124 113 HUSING Henry 39 m w Ret. Merchant Hanover
      Sophia 24 m w Keeps House Ireland
      Anna 7 f w At Home Cal
      Diedrick 5 m w At Home Cal
      Sophia 3 f w At Home Cal
      Henry 2 m w At Home Cal
    WURTENBURGH Anna 23 f w House Keeper Holstein
125 114 HAVER Daniel 51 m w Carpenter N.Y.
    MOORE John G. 41 m w Stage Driver N.Y.
      Mary J. 42 f w Keeps House N.Y.
      Mary E. 16 m w At Home Cal
      Melinda 14 f w At Home Cal
      Minnie 12 f w At Home Cal
      Laura E. 7 f w At Home Cal
      Elizabeth 2 f w At Home Cal
    AH Jim 17 m c Day Laborer China 
    AH Ton 40 m c Day Laborer China 
    AH Sam 22 m c Day Laborer China

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