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Are you receiving too many search results and wish you could focus on one individual?

An individual's name may appear in various forms. For example:

  • Frank JONES
  • Frank H. JONES
  • Frank Harold JONES
  • Frank "Harry" JONES
  • H. Frank JONES
  • JONES, Frank
  • JONES, Frank H.
  • JONES, Frank Harold
  • JONES, Frank "Harry"
  • JONES, H. Frank
If you enter Frank for the first name and Jones for the last name, youFocus will check for all of these variations.

* Place or Year: enter a town, state, country name or year here. Just enter one name for more results. For example, don't enter Reno, Nevada...just Reno or Nevada.

** Ignore this: enter just one term. For example, don't enter birth, marriage, death...just birth or death. Ask doesn't work correctly with this option.

*** Website: this will limit your results to all the pages of a specific website that the search engine has indexed.

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