Marin County Genealogy

Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, June 18, 1914, page 2.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

Twenty Graduate At Union High

The Tamalpais Union High School graduated twenty pupils last week. The pupils acquitted themselves in fine shape, and are now prepared to start life’s work. The address was given by Henry Morse Stephens of the State University. The following is a list of the graduates:

Marion Louise Wosser
Margaret Eddy House
Allegra Maynard
Karin A. Lundquist
Janet Steward Bostwick
Margaret Lanyon Wilson
Laura Treat
Beatrice L. Higby
Alfred W. Nilson
H. Walter Johnson
Robert H. McCauley
Emil Stern
John Finn, Jr.
Alice Gertrude Tobin
Arthur Carl Walters
Otto J. G. Weissich
Irene Elizabeth Gallagher
Edith Dorothy Creede
Louise Whitelaw
Henry Brune

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