Marin County Genealogy
Source: The Firebrand Yearbook, Vol. MCXXXV, Published by the Students of Dominican College, Marin County, California, June 1935
Thank you to Rosemary Penna U'Ren for transcribing this material
(also see newspaper article)


Editor - Lois Smith, '35
Associate Editor - Jane Maltmen, '36
Associate Editor - Peggy Gleason, '36
Class Editor - Francis Lemmelet, '35
Class Editor - Geraldine Lucy, '37
Class Editor - Virginia de Lorimier, '37
Class Editor - Elinor Wheeler, '38
Art Editor - Elizabeth Ball, '35
Business Manager - Eleanor O'Brien
Associate Business Manager - June McGuinnis, '35
Associate Business Manager - Vee Christiani
Associate Business Manager -  Pauline Ivancovich
Associate Business Manager - Marie Welch, '38

Alice Duffy, '34
Katherine Casassa, '35
Phyllis Maltman, '36
June Schibel, '35
Marie Welch, '38 
Virginia Trodden, '37
Miriam Williams, '38 
Virginia Vaughn, '36
Betty Elder, 36

Helen Hiserman, '35
Marjorie McGurk, '35
Marie Raspo
Lotte Sporleder, '35
Virginia Mazzini
Cecile Grandjean
Pauline Ivancovich
Olga Sanchez
Mary Elise Barrett
Betty Barry, '38
Florence Brown
Harriet McAfee


Elizabeth Ball
Major: Art

Berniece Blennerhassett
Major: History
[Attended Mission High] 

Dolores Brantley
Major: Sociology
[from Orland]

Anita Bulotti
Major: Sociology

Katherine Butler
Major: Spanish

Katherine Casassa
Major: History

Virginia Flannery
Major: English
[Born in San Francisco, July 29
(year not given)]

Joan Hardy
Major: History

Helen Heisernan
Major: Art
[from Honolulu]

Catherine Johnson
Major: Sociology
[from Vancouver (BC)]

Margaret Johnson
Major: Sociology

Norma Kane
Major: Sociology
[Grew up in San Rafael]

Betty Keenan
Major: Sociology
[from Montana]

Francis Lemmelet
Major: English
[Scholarship from St. Rose High School]

Lorraine Lounibos
Major: History

Geraldine MacDonald
Major: Sociology
[Born at Redwood City, attended Sequoia High]

June McGuinnis
Major: History

Marjorie McGurk
Major: Art

Claire Molenkamp
Major: English

Kathleen O'Connor
Major: Music
[Junior year transfer from Marin Junior College

Elsa O'Neill
Major: History
[from Port Costa, California]

Catherine O'Reilly
Major: Spanish

Eileen O'Toole
Major: Science
[from San Francisco]

Angeline Pera
Major: Sociology
[from San Jose, California]

Betty Rethmeyer
Major: History
[from Santa Rosa, California]

Norma Riccomini
Major: History

Caroline Rogers
Major: English
[from Spokane, Washington, also attended University of Oregon for two years]

Lorraine Roux
Major: French

June Schibel
Major: English

Lois Smith
Major: English

Barbara Stafford
Major: French and Spanish
[Born in Russia, lived in Holland]

Venice Todt
Major: French

Julie Treat
Major: History
[from San Andreas, California]

Fay Winters
Major: French
[from Nevada]

Laura Louise Zanone
Major: English

Lotte Sporleder
[No photo, Major not given]
[Senior year transfer from University of California]
[Lived in Philippines as a child] 

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