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Posted by Hollly Atkins on Wednesday, February 03, 2010 at 20:15:09 :

I was at the Mt. St Joseph from somewhere between 1961 to 1962. Does anywone have any pictures to share? I remember the front of the home with statues of Saints, the waiting room with it seems to have been done in maroon color, the home being huge, the halls being huge, the staircase and dining room with all the dolls set back in the room. The bedroom with all the beds in pink & the large bathroom with several bathtubs. I do remeber being in a tap class and having my picture in the newspaper. I remember the nuns with their habits & remember the chapel. I remember having the Bumps and I was a put in private bedroom. I recall saying prayers every night and a seperate prayer when ever we heard a ambulance. I remember that I had a uniform to wear to a catholic school which I took a bus to as well. The school was in S.F. and had a block closed off to trafic so that we had a play ground. It seems to me that I was in Mt St Josephs for at least a couple of years. I even remember that when other kids had gone home during the summer, I remained there and it seemed kind of lonely and my shoes echoed when walking down the halls. Sadly though, I can'nt remember any faces or names of the Nuns or any of the girls in the school. Memories and photos would be really appreciated.

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