Alameda County Genealogy -

University of California Berkeley
June 1891

    Source:  Sacramento Daily Record-Union, 24 June 1891
Thank you for Betty Loose for transcribing this list

Degrees to be Conferred on Students at Berkeley To-day.
At the State University to-day degrees will be conferred as follows:

Bachelor of Arts
Charles H. BENTLEY, Oakland
Anson S. BLAKE, Berkeley
Edwin BUNNELL, Oakland
Albert H. ELLIOTT, San Francisco
Albert W. GUNNISON, San Francisco
James D. MEEKER, San Francisco
Warren OLNEY, Jr.,Oakland
Addison E. SHAW, Lorin
James L. WHITBECK, Sacramento
Eugene J. ZEILE, San Francisco
Charles G. MICHENER, San Francisco

Bachelor of Science
Harry B. AINSWORTH, Oakland
John C. AINSWORTH, Oakland
Arthur F. ALLEN, Alameda
Harry C. BALDWIN, Oakland
William H. BROWN, Oakland
Thomas E. EICHBAUM, San Francisco
Edward P. HILBORN, Jr., Suisun
Joseph N. LE CONTE, Berkeley
Charles W. MERRILL, Alameda
William P. MILLER, Jr., Melrose
Charles PALACHE, Claremont
Thomas W. RANSOM, San Francisco
William A. WRIGHT, Berkeley
William C. ALLEN, San Francisco
Felix H. CARRSOW, San Francisco
Ross MORGAN, Oakland
George E. COLEMAN, Grass Valley

Bachelor of Philosophy
Derrel L. BEARD, Napa
John A. BROWER, Los Angeles
Albert L. EHRMAN, San Francisco
George H. FLETCHER, Grass Valley
Burton L. HALL, Los Angeles
Emily J. HAMILTON, Orange
Horace C. HEAD, Garden Grove
Mary Alice KING, Berkeley
William G. MORROW, San Francisco
Arthur M. SEYMOUR, Sacramento
Charles F. TAY, San Francisco
Lester H. JACOBS, San Francisco
David Guersney JONES, Berkeley
William H. WASTE, Los Angeles
Philip L. WEAVER, Jr., San Francisco
 Cora L. WILLIAMS, Villa Park

Bachelor of Letters
Henry A. FISKE, Berkeley
Grace H. De FREMERY, Oakland
Fred A. JULLIARD, Santa Rosa
Herbert S. McFARLIN, Oakland
H.B. MONTAGUE, Oakland
John H. WHITE, Chico

Master of Arts
Emma WILLARD, Chicago

The usual Bachelor's Decree was also ordered conferred upon the following graduates of
The Hastings College of Law
Carl H. ABBOTT, Oakland
Joseph E. BARRY, San Francisco
Solomon BLOOM, San Francisco
Henry W. WARD, San Francisco
Cosmor B. CLARK, Berkeley
Edgar C. COOPER, Eureka
Jos. L. CRITTENDEN, San Francisco
George D. DUDLEY, San Francisco
Adrian C. ELLIS, Jr., San Francisco
Oliver ELLSWROTH, Niles
Henry H. HAIGHT, Oakland
Beverley L. HODGHEAD, Ukiah
Alexander L. O'GRADY, San Francisco
John N. POMEROY, San Francisco
Oscar E. ROULEAU, San Francisco
John W. SATTERWHITE, San Bernardino
Edwin D. SMITH, Santa Rosa
Garilard STONEY, San Francisco
Wallace L. THOMPSON, San Francisco
Henry A. TOBIN, San Francisco
Maurice S. WOODHAMS, San Francisco

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